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"Enemy Mind" Now on DVD

Enemy MindWe at Geek Twins were recently made aware of a very low-budget movie that's nonetheless causing a splash in the sci-fi community. Written and directed by Brennan Reed, Enemy Mind was shot for just nine thousand dollars, and most of that budget was really spent hiring Ernest Borgnine to voice one character, Commander. The rest was spent filming two unknown actors in the Salton Sea area of Southern California's Imperial Valley.

Enemy Mind tells the story of two men, the only survivors of a spaceship crash, forced to grapple with each other on a remote planet. One man is an accused terrorist bomber, the other is a soldier tasked with delivering the suspect to trial for the crime. The movie is really more like a two-man play, heavy on dialogue, exploring themes of religion, reality, and belief.

You can order the Enemy Mind DVD at Amazon.com.

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