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George Lucas Filming STAR WARS Fan Film

George Lucas is filming a documentary on Star Wars fans at Star Wars Convention V this month called The Stories Project. This is probably because of all the negative publicity generated by the documentary The People Vs. George Lucas. The film is basically a series of interviews trying to figure out why fans are so mad at George Lucas for messing with Star Wars. They're trying to counter it with a film about fans who think everything is just lovely in the SW universe.

My fondest Star Wars memory is hearing the audience cheer as Darth Vader lifts Emperor Palpatine and throws him down the shaft in The Return of the Jedi. Hopefully, my son will have a fond memory of the movie too.

If you want to be a part of the film then head over to StarWars.com to tell your story.

What would you say if you were part of the documentary?
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  1. He's looking for a positive spin? Sorry, that won't be my opinion!

    And Star Trek did this years ago.


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