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'This is Not A Joke' Yelled Darth Vader As He Robbed The Bank

The force was with a man dressed as Darth Vader who held up a New York bank.

A guy wearing a Star Wars Darth Vader mask, black gloves, shirt and cape, but wearing camouflage pants, went into a Long Island bank demanding cash.

One customer thought it was a joke and tried playing along, but Vader proved he was the Master. "The customer thought it might have been a joke, and not a serious attempt at a robbery," said Suffolk County police Detective Sgt. William Lamb. The Sith Lord shoved him to the ground yelling "This is not a joke!" No word on if he used Force Choke. Using a semi-automatic pistol, he made the tellers fill up bags with money.

The police are still looking for him after he sped away on a motorbike. They say other than his considerable height of 6ft, they have nothing else to go on. He never took off his mask, and they don't know the power of his Dark Side.

What do you think?

[Image Source: CNN]

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  1. LOL, the guy on the floor in the back of the picture obviously doesn't know how Star Wars ends...


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