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6 Best Slave Leia Group Appearances

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There's no doubt that Princess Leia's harem outfit when she became a slave to Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi (most commonly described as Slave Leia) is the most popular geek fantasy out there. That was honored in the movie Jedi Junkies when they interviewed the belly-dancing Slave Leia. What could be better than a beautiful woman dressed in a metal bikini? I'll tell you what; beautiful women dressed in metal bikinis. That's why we present the top six group Slave Leia appearances.

6. Deal or No Deal's Slave Leia Models - In 2008, Deal or No Deal did a Star Wars-themed episode. They had Darth Vader as the banker, a Stormtrooper bring out the briefcase, all the usual. Of course, when you have a show that features twenty-six beautiful women, the Star Wars theme only means one thing. Which brings us to our first entry. I think the whole point of it was to dress the models as Slave Leia, and I have no problem with that. Twenty-six beautiful women in Slave Leia outfits. Genius. [via collider]

5. Slave Leia Car Wash - All you really need to know about this one is that several women dressed up as Slave Leias held a car wash. The details if you insist: the car wash was organized by G4's Attack of the Show, and the proceeds went to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I don't know which feels better, knowing my money is going towards a worthy cause or watching beautiful women in metal bikinis bending over and getting all wet and sudsy scrubbing my car. Correction: I do know which feels better. The second one. [via G4TV]

4. Slave Leia Cheerleaders - In 2010, the Phoenix Suns held a celebration of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series and dressed their cheerleaders as Slave Leia. At which point, the Suns became my favorite NBA team. Okay, so Slave Leia isn't in the Clone Wars animated series. Technically, Leia and Luke haven't even been born yet. It's still a good excuse to have a lot of women dressed in metal bikinis, though. [via NBA]

3. Annual Comic-Con Slave Leia Group Photo - If there's one place you're bound to run into a beautiful woman dressed as Slave Leia, it's at a sci-fi convention. It's become a tradition at the San Diego Comic-Con to gather up all the women dressed as Slave Leia and hold a group photo in front of a Jabba the Hutt statue. Yet another reason that I wish I had gone to the Comic-Con this year. [via leia's metal bikini]

2. Slave Leia Pillow Fight - Not much to say about this one. Apparently, at DragonCon 2006, a bunch of women dressed as Slave Leias had a pillow fight. In a way, that's all we really need to know. Proof that dreams really do come true. The only thing that kind of ruins it is the woman in the lower left. Someone should have told her that Princess Leia had long hair, and didn't have a lower back tattoo. [via flickr]

1. Slave Leias Sunbathing - Of course, there is only one true Slave Leia, and the rest are only squirrels tryin' to get a nut. That's why number one on our list is Carrie Fisher herself. But how can we include her in the best group appearances of Slave Leia? Thanks to a recently released photo of Carrie Fisher and her stunt double sunbathing on the set of Return of the Jedi. Double your pleasure. [via boingboing]

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Who's your favorite Slave Leia?

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  1. Ok, out of respect for the original and her counter part, Slave Leias Sunbathing, has to be #1. However, slave chicks sunbathing, typically don't want to be bothered. So, moving on to #2 which should have been #1. The Slave Leia Pillow Fight is, as you said, a dream come true. (Minus the short haired Butch, of course.)

    In Place #3, (which should have been #2). I would have chosen Slave Leia Car Wash because of the "interactivity" and "Fun" factors.
    In place #4, (which should have been #3). I would have chosen the Slave Leia Cheerleaders, as at least they are moving around enough to where there is the possibility of a "Wardrobe Malfunction".
    In place #5, (which should have been #4). I would have placed both the, Deal or No Deal's Slave Leia Models, and the Annual Comic-Con Slave Leia Group Photo; as yeah, there's an interactivity factor there. But it's more like attending a Slave Auction where you may View the merchandise, but not touch. ;)


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