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Geek Twins Store Opening Contest

My brother and I have spent the last two months populating two stores with funny and original items you are going to love. You can either go to Cafepress.com/geektwins or Printfection.com/geektwins. Both stores are magnificent and feature the same items, but we decided not to limit ourselves to one provider. Try one, or both, and see what you like!

Yesterday we promised you a great contest starting today. Here are the details:

The Prize:
  1. A custom "Geek Twins" T-shirt with your name.
  2. Bragging rights.
  3. If you have a website you'll be featured prominently in the top of our sidebar for 30 days. If you have a blog it will also feature your latest post.
  1. For the next 14 days, every post will have a temporary code word. The first to collect the most words wins.
  2. On June 15th send an email with your list of words to [email protected]. On June 18th, we'll announce a winner!
  3. To be fair to the other contestants, any code words posted in the comments will be removed.
The contest starts today with the word WOOKIE.

Check it out today!

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