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Welcome to the Blogroll: Black SuperHero Blog, The Sci-Fi Gene

We'd like to welcome this month's additions to the Blog Roll:

Black SuperHero Blog
Description: "Following the portrayal of Superhero characters of African descent in comics, books, movies, & TV, and the people who bring them to you."
Why: Till the day when it becomes meaningless to mention a superhero's race, this blog will always be relevant. Plus, he does a lot of good retro stuff.
Favorite Post: Bulletproof

The Sci-Fi Gene
Description:  "Glad you could drop by! This blog is part support group, part research institute for those who, like me, enjoy the best and the worst of sci-fi. In addition I have interests in computer graphics and independent media, and will continue to document my own adventures in filmmaking and CGI: a short film, "Bast: Secrets Of Cat Training" is currently in post."
Why: Part cynic and part geek. He manages to infuse each post with a enviable sense of humor and spirit. Plus, anyone that bothers to review our own favorite Asylum film MegaShark vs. Giant Octopus can't be bad.
Favorite Post: Flight of the Na'avigator [Review: Avatar]

Check 'em out today!
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  1. Thanks - that last one sounds promising.

  2. Definitely check em out. SciFi Gene has some great stuff and well worth the visit. The nice thing about the BSB is its not about minority heros. He has some great insight on comic books and heros in general.


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