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Welcome to the Blogroll: Nerdlogue, Truth On Cinema

We'd like to welcome two new additions to the Blog Roll:

Description: "A blog and podcast dedicated to discussing, reviewing, and giving a nerd take on all things nerdy. Opinions, reviews, news coverage, and everything related to technology, movies, etc..."
Why: You know a blog is good when you find yourself wishing you'd written a post. He's a geek. We're nerds. Can't we all just get along?
Favorite Post: Internet Explorer 6: You Won't Be Missed

Truth On Cinema
Description: "Truth On Cinema is a place to find honest and insightful opinions on movies and cinema. I'm not a journalist, nor a professional movie reviewer, I'm just a regular guy who is obsessed with movies and loves to share my opinions."
Why: We try and report on movie news, but this guy goes in the trenches to cover festivals and go the extra mile. He's the Indiana Jones of entertainment bloggers.
Favorite post: Wait, What? The Hurt Locker vs. Moon... The Rest of the Story

[Image source: thinkgeek.com]


  1. I love the Indiana Jones of entertainment bloggers! LOL! Thanks for the add guys!


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