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Five Things You Should Know About the New Commenting Feature

I promised myself I'd stop tinkering with the blog this month, but I couldn't resist letting you all know that we're adding a more robust commenting feature using Disqus. You'll still be able to comment as a guest or use or several other popular login options. But, a Disqus account gives you the ability to do more. Here are five good reasons:
  1. Simplicity - Disqus lets you collect all the comments you have scattered over the blogosphere and keep an eye on responses and reactions to them.
  2. Rating - You can rate comments and start earning points for well done comments from others in the community. 
  3. Identity - There are lots of commenting systems out there and some are specific to the website, but with Discus you can have the same login and avatar anywhere that supports Disqus. This lets you build an online identity as the coolest commenter out there.
  4. Gravatars - Disqus supports Gravatars (Globally Recognized Avatars) which means you only have to change your avatar once if you find a cooler, better one.
  5. Popularity - Discus is a widely respected and utilized commenting system and is featured on major blogs like Mashable. It wouldn't do any good to join Disqus if it's only used on this blog and "Jerry's House of Candles." You can join with confidence.
The main reason for the change is that Blogger's commenting system is one step above a string and two tin cans.
Why not get started by letting us know what you think of the new commenting system?


  1. When are you guys going into launching the new Geek Twins on Wordpress and get off the horrendous BlogSpot?

    I am looking forward to it.

  2. @truthoncinema We actually have that in the works and have a demo working (see below). But, there are some template limitations to Wordpress' free hosting. We'll probably get a hosted site in the near future and when we do it will definitely be Wordpress. Thanks for the feedback!


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