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This Week in Geek 01/22/10 - Star Wars Costumes, Singing Spider-Men and Avatar Babies

This is an unusually nostalgic week here at Geek Twins as we flashback to both the Topp's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back stickers and various other toys my brother and I played with in our youth. All we need now is to have a remake of the 80's cartoon show M.A.S.K. to make my life complete. Cast Will Smith as Matt Trakker, Christian Slater as Stiletto and Hugo Weaving as Miles Mayhem. On with the news.
  1. TOSS-UP: You're forced at gun point to choose one costume to wear to the Source Awards: would it be the Star Wars Tie-Fighter costume helmet OR the Star Wars crocheted Yoda hat? [Starwars\Force.net]
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  2. One surprising side-effect of the Disney\Marvel acquisition is the $50 million Broadway musical Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark, which was shut down due to lack of fundage, is back on.Oddly enough, knowing that Disney has their fingers in the pie makes me feel better about it. It's going to be a train wreck, but at least it will be the kind of train wreck that ends with soft bunny rabbits and cartoon deer strewn on the ground.
    ODDMAKERS: What are the odds that this musical will last for 200 performances or a month (whichever comes first)?
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  3. ODDMAKERS: After news that Martin Luthor King Jr. personally asked Nichelle Nichols to stay as Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhuru, because she was "the first non-stereotypical role in television", what are the odds that Al Sharpton will petition for a film version of Homeboys in Outer Space (1996)? [GeekTyrant]
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  4. The "leaked" (yeah right) set pictures of the new Predators look exactly like the 1996 Kenner Predator toys my brother and I had as kids. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. R.I.P Kevin Peter Hall. [io9]

  5. News that the release of four new movie tie-in Star Trek novels (Star Trek: Refugees, Star Trek: Seek A Newer World, Star Trek: More Beautiful Than Death and Star Trek: The Hazard of Concealing) have been delayed by the publishing company deciding "to hold off on telling new stories while JJ and his team continue to develop his vision". Presumably they're referring to the as-yet-unwritten Star Trek sequel. I think this shows a new intention to remain creative control and prevent the books from going outside the canon of the movies...finally. [io9]

  6. Even after news that people were naming their dogs after Twilight, I'm still not convinced people are naming their babies after Avatar characters. The popularity of the name Pandora is just a coincidence, since it's already popular.[SciFiSquad]
    TOSS-UP: Which would you name your next kid: Neytiri or Tourok?
What do you think of this week's news? Let us know in the comments!


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    2. That's a Yoda HUT, THIS is a Yoda HAT!!!

    3. 1. Yeah, Peapod is right. That's not really a hat. I guess you could technically put it on your head, though. I'm gonna go with that, then, because it's less conspicuous. Plus, if they went after you at the SOURCE awards, you couldn't run in the Tie-Fighter hat.
      2. Man, I'm sad to hear that. Anything that kills that Spiderman musical is good news to me. Can't we just say that some things are better off not being a musical? OVER: 80% on the musical lasting more than a month. It seems like anything on Broadway with any kind of publicity headwind becomes a hit.
      3. Is that news? I read that in Nichols' biography years ago. ODDS 0%, because nobody else remembers that show, but us. Funny image, though.
      4. Agreed, not as good as the original. Or even the sequel. It's a shame that they set the height bar on the Predators so high with KPH. They should follow up on that by hiring NBA basketball players to play the Predators.
      6. Yawn to any "Avatar mania" crap. The news media are desperate to find some surge of fandom. TOSS-UP: Tourok, but I would spell it Turok, and the name would be based off the dinosaur hunter, not the blue moron.

    4. @Anonymous - Thanks for starting to burn a theme in our forum with your super HYIP Pyramid scheme!
      @Pretty Peapod
      Thanks for stopping by! Nice hat actually, but I still wouldn't wear it to the Source Awards. ;)

    5. 1. TOSSUP I'd go for the Tie fighter helmet 'cause you could pimp it out with chrome and it would be easier to escape once you took the hat off.

      2. ODDMAKERS I give it 77% because most Broadway musicals go for 400 performances and the star power of U2 should give it some lasting power.
      @Nigel Yeah I'm hoping this one dies a slow death too.

      3. ODDMAKERS 2% unless someone starts a Homeboys in Outer Space online petition. Make it happen people! Homeboys in 2011!

      4. @Nigel It does seem like the producers are trying to get Hall's imposing physique by hiring bodybuilders. Go tall I say.

      6. TOSSUP Neytiri is actually a beautiful name in its own right. I think I'd stick with a girl though.

    6. Awesome Geektwins title, by the way. That website rocks.


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