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Happy Trails: Brittany Murphy 11/10/1977 – 12/20/2009

We'd like to say goodbye to Brittany Murphy, a woman who has given more to the world of geek than most people realize. Brittany Murphy, who was complaining of flu-like symptoms for several days, died of natural causes from cardiac arrest on Sunday night. The 32-year-old actress started her path to geekville in 1995 when, after doing a string of teen television roles, she had a guest appearance on "SeaQuest DSV 2032" as teen love interest Christine VanCamp. She was made famous for several other roles like "Girl, Interrupted (1999)", the thriller Don't Say a Word (2001), the drama "8 Mile (2002) and the comic-to-film "Sin City" (2005). She did geeks another solid in "Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs" as the voice of the hysterical serial dater Colleen O'Hallahan. But, her greatest contributions were yet to come. I've been looking forward to the "2010" knock-off "MegaFault" (2009) for a while and she stars as the seismologist working with Eric La Salle to stop a massive earthquake from destroying the world. It will be bittersweet now.

Happy trails Brittany Murphy. You will be missed.

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[Image from wikimedia.org]

UPDATE: I was wrong about the 2010 knock-off. That was "2012: Supernova". Changed her cause of death to cardiac arrest.


  1. Not to say that Brittany Murphy's death isn't sad, but she has a thin connection to geekdom. And it's premature to say her death was by natural causes. The police haven't released the official cause of death yet.

  2. @monkeymigraine It's a thin connection compared to Tricia Helfer, but there none the less. At least she didn't jump on the bandwagon in the last five years. plus, her role in *Sin City* alone is worth mentioning (even though I've never seen it). As for her cause of death I guess that is up for debate so I'll make an update.


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