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‘Venom’ Movie To Make Him a Hero

While we hate to talk about movies in development we thought we'd share some news on the ‘Venom’ Movie since this is a classic example of all-concept but no-point. They green-light a Venom movie after the success of Spider-Man 4 (go figure) and spend the next few years trying to figure out what to do with it. Finally, they hit on the idea of making him a hero which did nothing to help the character in the comics and led them to make another character to replace him: Carnage. Yes, Venom became such a nice-guy they had to make a sadistic serial-killer to get back the edge of the villain. No word if Topher Grace will star, but since the studio never wanted him in the role to begin with, it's doubtful.

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  1. When I heard they made Venom a hero, that seemed like the worst idea ever. They can't make a Joker movie without Batman, and you can't make Venom without Spiderman. I wish fans had the power to kill a bad movie in development before it came out and ruined things. "Catwoman" would never have survived.


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