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Sci-Fi Snippets 10/2/2009

I decided to rename the "Sci-Fi Snippets" feature to something else since it's not very descriptive. Put your suggestions in the comments if you like.

We present this week's Sci-Fi news and opinions. True or False?
  1. Now that Sci-Fi wire SCI FI Wire has proven without a shadow of a doubt that "Flash Forward" and "Lost" are nothing alike, and it definitely makes the show more original.
    ODDSMAKERS: Percentage of readers that won't click on the attached link.

  2. The make-up and voice effects for Freddy Krueger are vastly different from the original, making him look and sound like an actual burn victim. While the old look was less accurate, Freddy now looks much less scary.

  3. Now that digital make-up has gotten to the level where they can make a 54-year-old actor like Bruce Willis in the "Surrogates" look like he's in his twenties it won't be long before this technique is used to de-age actors on a regular basis.
    Likelihood that Robert Redford that would use this for his next movie.

  4. Dollhouse has had it's worst ratings yet, being called "the lowest-rated show on a major broadcast network". The show is high-concept, but it will guarantee that Joss Whedon will never get another television show on Fox again.
    OVER\UNDER: The ratings will drop below 1.0 next week.

  5. A new portable weapon to deliver pain is being developed. This weapon will be used primarily on members of the African-American community...with the exception of Andrew Meyer.


  1. 1. TRUE: While there are some superficial similarities, the show is unique in that it actually feels like it's going somewhere.
    2. FALSE: While the original was kind of cartoony it's never scary to see someone fighting a cripple. This is the same problem I had with "Highwaymen" and Darth Vader.
    3. TRUE: I think it'll be at least five years before it's accepted outside of scifi movies, but it's too tempting not to use.
    4. Dollhouse isn't going to finish it's second season. I thought the show was well-done, but haven't seen it since the fourth episode last year. And I'm a geek.
    5. That weapon is going to cause the same controversy as the Taser. There are a disproportionate number of minorities tasered in the US and I can't see it getting any lower. "Don't death ray me bro!" might be the new catch-phrase though.

  2. "...fighting a *cripple* handicapped individual." Forgot to engage my PC filter. :-)


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