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Sci-Fi Snippets

U2 On The ‘Spider-Man’ Musical: Peter Parker’s Story Is ‘Like Every Rock-And-Roll Star’s Story’ - Bono and company explain why they decided to write the music and lyrics for the upcoming musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark". I'm still dying to see how they do the web-slinging, but that's about all I'm looking forward to. Exit stage left.

Life-Size Gundam Built In Japan - One more reason to go to Japan. If the sight of a 60 foot giant robot isn't enough, it also has lights, steam and a moving head. It's the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam...which I still haven't seen.

‘Robocop’ Returns To Comics With New, Ongoing Series - It could be interesting, but I doubt it. The conflict inherent in the character doesn't translate into a series. As for the image of a cyborg cop blasting crooks. I guess it could be ok.

Eddie Murphy Addresses ‘Batman 3’ Riddler Rumor On ‘The Tonight Show’ - Eddie Murphy addresses persistant rumors he's cast to play the Riddler in the next Batman film "The Caped Crusader". Not as ridiculous as Cher playing Catwoman, but still he denies it. He then goes on to do a brilliant impression of Vincent Price as Egghead. “Egg-cellent! Egg-squisite! … They’ll never crack this hard-boiled case!”...Nolan, are you listening? You made it work with Ras AlGhul.

Is The First ‘Iron Man 2’ Mickey Rourke Image A Bad Sign? - I ignored all the claims that Mickey Rourke is in Iron Man 2 as a hoax until now and it's not looking good. Apparently playing a character called "Whiplash" who is a cross between "Crimson Dynamo" and the character of the same name. How to describe it? Imagine if "Fat Albert and the Cosby kids" made a gladiator outfit. Yeah. Kind of goofy looking.


  1. 1) Webslinging on stage...well, I'm guessing it'll be a lot of cast members looking up and gasping, then Spider-man dropping down on a rope. If they were really cool, they'd have him swing out over the audience...but I'll bet they won't.
    2) That is almost too good to be true. Like the article says, it seems like a Photoshop prank. But it's real! This is why, when it comes to sci-fi, the Japanese are the coolest in the world.
    3) The problem is that the original Robocop was never about Robocop being a superhero. It was about the tragedy and dehumanization. It was a man turned into a machine against his will, and about a corporation who tried to make the police a commodity. Everything that's followed the original movie has just focused on "cool robot cop." I agree, I don't think the comic will be good.

  2. 4) Eddie Murphy - you kill me. Funny. But really, that Egghead character was pretty stupid. Next, they should do Bookworm and have Ed Norton sitting on a giant book.
    5) All I can say is noooooooooooooooooo! But I don't want to be one of those geeky fanboys who spend time arguing about Superman's belt buckle in "Superman Returns." I'll judge the movie when it comes out. But that is definitely not a good sign. Where's the Mandarin?!


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