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Mythbusters Takes on Curving Bullets

As much as I love Mythbusters for being funny, irreverent and just good science, every now and then they take their Mythbusting too far.  I like when they take on common movie myths like shooting a lock off, jumping in water to slow down a bullet or climbing a wall with suction cups I do have my limits.  While I didn't mind when they tried to prove if a Ninja can catch a sword (no), cut a sword with another sword (uh...no), or walk on water (uhh...no again). When they take on movie myths that are flat out impossible in an obvious fantasy it takes it over the line. Tonight they're trying to see if it's possible to curve a bullet like in "Wanted".  I can answer that question in one word: No. See?
No complicated set-ups. No robot guns. No measuring the speed of a bullet in relation to the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow.  If they're going to do that they should see if it's possible to run off a cliff, hang in the air and land in a hole with a perfect outline. Or look into the barrel of a shotgun and see if it leaves you black, sooty and slightly disheveled. You know why they're not going to? Because it's not meant to be taken seriously. Just like "Wanted". Guys, please stop. You're hurting America.
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  1. Agreed. First of all, "Wanted" clearly indicated that a) they used specially carved bullets, b) the people who did it had a superpower. So the movie itself was saying it wasn't possible to replicate just by shooting a regular bullet.

    Good example with looking into a shotgun and jumping off a cliff. How about taking on the myth of making a sword out of a laser beam? Or a human bitten by a radioactive spider getting superpowers?


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