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Show Notes: GeekTwins Episode #2

  • "The Incredible Hulk" DVD review. Will the sequel demand another recast of Bruce Banner if Edward Norton, unhappy with the final cut, walks from the role? Link
  • Apparently Kirk Benedict (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) isn't as happy with the new series as his former co-star. Is this sour grapes or does he have a point about the new series being "un-imagining"? Plan to watch this season? Link
  • Joss Whedon's new science-fiction series Dollhouse about an a group of assassins who have their minds wiped and new personalities inserted for every mission. Plagued by rewrites, reshoots and bad press, will this be Joss' new hit or flop?
  • Matt Smith announced as new Doctor Who - Telegraph
  • 'Chief Dalek' actor dies aged 82
Comic Books

True or False?
  • With the success of "The Dark Knight" and dismal failure of "Superman Returns" DC is planning to make the next batch of superhero movies "dark to the extent that the characters allow it". The problem with the last Superman movie is that it wasn't dark and brooding enough, and this new approach will revitalize the franchise. Link
  • Stargate Atlantis ran it's series finale on January 9th. Stargate SG-1 was the longest-running North American science fiction series on television. I have watched a full episode of either one of these series in the last ten years. Link
  • With rumors of Samuel L. Jackson being dropped from the role of Nick Fury this makes the second high-profile movie recasting in the Marvel franchise due to cost considerations. The Marvel Entertainment Production Company is running out of money and will not be able to afford an Avengers movie without significant recasting. Link Link
  • With the next two Spider-man movies on track, Kirsten Dunst has been confirmed to reprise her role as Mary-Jane Watson. This a is a relief because Kirsten is the best actress to play the comic book character of model\actress. Link

Final Thoughts


  1. 1) False. I'm actually surprised that "Superman Returns" didn't do well. First I knew, actually. I liked it, but I can see how others wouldn't. I think the real problem is that they were portraying the Superman of the 1980's. Even the comics have moved on from that. Superman, by his very nature, always represents a positive view. Making him dark would be like making Batman light.
    2)Watched a few episodes. It's an okay show, but I always wished they'd stuck more to the original movie's premise.
    3) True. I always thought the idea of bringing so many A-list actors like Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. into a single movie like "Avengers" would doom any hope of the project. By the time they pay the cast, they'd have to set the movie in an abandoned warehouse to stay in budget. The better scenario economically would be to cast unknowns or B-list actors in the roles and spend the money on story and special effects.
    4) False. I never thought Kirsten Dunst was a good fit for Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane is the gold standards for hot babes in comics (at least non-super-powered babes). I always thought Kirsten was a crooked-toothed, un-curvy, okay-looking chick. They could do better.

  2. The superhero franchise has been overly exploited to the extent that now every superhero is pretty much the same. No wonder they haven't been doing so well.


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