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Reddit Gives the Best Wi-Fi Passwords to Prank Guests

Recently, a joke in Reddit's r/jokes subreddit triggered a thread about Wi-Fi passwords to prank guests with. Some of them are from businesses or places Redditors visited or their own Wi-Fi. And they're all hilarious. Here's a sample. All text is "sic," typos included

user/Ninhnguyenz: Set your wifi password to 2444666668888888. So when someone ask tell them it's 12345678.

user/kushenYT: I visited a coffee shop where the password was wedonthavewifi. It was a very frustrating conversation with the cashier.

user/Elcatro: Pub I went to had "youhavetobuyabeerfirst" as the password. They got me. Bought beer, asked for password, same answer. Took me a moment to figure it out.

Mandroid_unit2: Thats kind of like how my wifi password if thereisnopassword...i always laugh when people come over and ask for the password

CapnSmackaHoe: Same password here. Used to be 'iforgotthepassword' but sometimes you have to shake things up.
Edit: Gonna throw in an honorable mention my friends use: 'thedogsname'

mattymck: my wifi password is "itsonthefridge." it always gives me a laugh when some one asks and goes to the fridge puzzled

creationart: Funny, ours is "onthewall". Whenever guests come over and ask we say "It's on the wall" and they wander all over the house looking for some framed wifi password.

FireFerretDann: When I was younger I made one of my passwords 'yomama' so if someone asked for it i could just get all up in their faces and tell them. I was real mature

walkingsidebyside: I'll shout out one I've encountered before: "justleaveitblank"

invictus_potato: Worked at a small restaurant, the owner loved the fact that he set the password to "itsbroken"

Vipersia: The cafe waiter told me the wifi password "givemefivedollars." I was at a coffee shop and the cashier told me the password was "sirpleaseputsomepantsonandstopsingingtheteletubbiesthemebeforeicallthepolice" Wouldn't work right but I guess I must have misspelled something.

Deltethnia: Ialreadytoldyou

joanzen:"sayplease" works great for this too.
"What's the wifi password?"
"Yes, it is all lower case."
... a few minutes later the customer is frustrated because "alllowercase" isn't working.

xaviervxz: I worked at a place where we rotated between "goodquestion" "justasecond" and, for a brief but glorious week, "wouldntyouliketoknow"

And after all that, there was this exchange:

2FLY2TRY: Thanks for your Wi-Fi passwords. Now I know where to torrent.
Mandroid_unit2: Just dont slow down my torrents.
VladimirPootietang: You don't make the rules anymore

And of course, there's the best one: "fourwordsalluppercase"

Which is the funniest Wi-Fi password?

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  1. Those are all hilarious. The numbers one I needed a moment to work out. Of course most things you're supposed to use special characters and numbers so it'd be harder.

  2. BTW, the new look is pretty classy.


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