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GUMDROP is the Robot Audition of the Future

Gumdrop seems like any other up-and-coming actress in Hollywood. She's bright, she's funny, she's slightly awkward, and eager to appear on the big screen. But she has one big difference: she's a robot. This short film, written and directed by Kevin Conran (writer-director of Sky Captain) and co-directed by Stephen Lawes, shows a feminine robot named Gumdrop during an audition for a new movie. During the course of the audition, she describes her background, her hopes and dreams, and whether she would do nudity.

What did you think of Gumdrop?

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  1. That was funny, but then all the waiters and car wash people and such would never have a hope if robots start taking all the acting jobs. The machines are taking over!

  2. Special skill is a vacuum cleaner - priceless.
    And isn't she already nude...?

  3. She could be in the remake of Metropolis...

  4. I guess she takes off her chassis...

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