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Would You Watch Mega Shark vs. Giant Bobcat?

Mega Shark vs. Giant Bobcat (2019)
Early this week a picture of a bobcat dragging a shark out of the water went viral. Should it be made into a movie?

On Monday night John Bailey when he was walking along Sebastian Inlet State Park in Vero Beach, Florida. He spotted a bobcat watching the water. Suddenly, the cat leaped into the shoreline and dragged out a four-foot long shark out of the water. Bailey took the picture as it dragged the shark onto the beach. He must have startled the bobcat because it dropped the shark and ran off into the woods.

Bobcats are in the lynx family of wild cats that range across most of the United States. They mainly eat rabbits and hares, but are known to eat mice, rats, squirrels, fish and birds. When food is scarce they can hunt larger animals like foxes, skunks, cranes and deer. "They are out there. Bobcats are in this area and are seen regularly occasionally," said Terry O'Toole, a park services specialist who has worked at Sebastian Inlet for 35 years. "They are more active at sunrise and sunset. They don't want anything to do with you."

The sharks have been spotted swarming in the waters around the beach and, apparently, the bobcat decided he wanted a fish sandwich.

While the idea of a bobcat attacking a shark sounds unlikely there have been more ridiculous battles in SyFy movies like Mega Shark v Giant Octopus and Mega Shark vs Dinocroc.

If there was a SyFy movie about called Mega Shark vs Giant Bobcat would you watch it?

SyFy and Asylum Films this is a free tip! It's what the people want!

Via National Geographic

Would you watch
Mega Shark vs Giant Bobcat? What animal team-up would you like to watch?

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  1. If I could do another awesome play-by-play, I'd watch it.
    That picture is wild. The shark is four feet long? I didn't realize bobcats got that big.

  2. There's no idea too stupid for Syfy anymore. Poor bobcat didn't even get to enjoy his shark though. One time I made shark nuggets with some shark meat (from a supermarket) that I breaded and fried. That's good eatin.

  3. That cat was startled of humans and let go of the shark. I'm sure when people aren't around, quite a few sharks are caught if there are so many of them by the shoreline.


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