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Poll: Should Robert Downey Jr. Have Walked Off AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Interview?

Channel 4 News - Robert Downey JrKrishnan Guru-Murthy
We can all agree Robert Downey Jr is an awesome guy for his charity work and helping out fans, so is it surprising that he walked out of an interview?

The actors are doing interviews promoting the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron and Britain's Channel 4 reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy started asking the actor tough questions using quotes from Downey's past.

The interview started with generic questions about his role before the ambulance-chasing interviewer gets increasingly personal. Downey says that he might have compared himself to Stark back in 2008, but doesn't think the comparison applies now. Things started coming to a head when Guru-Myrthy asked him about a quote from 2008 when the actor said, "You can't go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal." The Iron Man actor kindly answers the question, explaining that he's not back-pedaling, but his opinion has probably changed. Then he asks, "Are we promoting a movie?" The "anchor" laughs and says, "You say we're promoting a movie... but we'd also like to talk a little bit about you. I don't know how comfortable you are talking about yourself."

The interview broke down when Guru-Murthy began asking the actor about his father and it's connection to "dark periods" and drugs and alcohol abuse. You can hear Downey's assistant say the interview is over and Downey says, "Bye" before getting up and taking off his microphone. But, Downey Jr. is a first-class guy. So, he stops to say, "You seem okay. It's just getting a little Diane Sawyer in here."

While Downey doesn't like to talk about his past, he's become an outspoken advocate and role model for recovery from substance abuse. Back in 2010, he told Playboy that "not having done drugs for literally five or six years is a lifetime. I think of myself as someone who has no desire, use for or conscious memory of that life. And yet I don't shut the door on it, and I don't pretend it didn't happen". Downey Jr.'s relationship with his father Robert Downey Sr has been turbulent over the years, but was repaired after his son got sober. Downey Sr. told The New York Post "when my son turned his life around [from drug problems], that's my highlight moment".

For the reporter to bring all this up when he's doing a tour for a movie is pathetic. Thankfully, the video, which now has over 2 million hits also has 19 thousand down-votes.

Was Downey right to walk out of the interview? Have you ever walked away from an uncomfortable conversation?

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  1. I can see both sides. At least he was nice to the guy. It is personal, but since it is part of his life, he should expect those questions. Especially if he's an anti-drug advocate.

  2. Its a pity Downey didn't have his palm repulsor handy, he could've zapped that channel 4 douche into next week.

  3. He is an actor and famous, but still a person. The reporter should have respected his right to privacy or at the very least, ask him in advance if he feels comfortable talking about his past, and if he gave him the green light, okay, but not to blind-side him like that. NOT cool.

  4. British tabloids are especially harsh but you expect to get the fame and maintain privacy.

  5. The interviewer has the right to ask whatever he/she wants, but it seems unprofessional and unproductive to keep pressuring someone to answer questions that he/she has indicated that they don't wish to discuss, and that don't really pertain to the subject at hand. If RDJ was on a program related to his own life story, social issues, substance abuse, etc. then I would expect him to answer those questions. But he was there promoting a movie, not to talk about his past.

  6. Yes don't push it if they aren't wanting to talk about it, RDJ gave the guy like three chances to change subject. Good reporter would have picked up on this... like a dj, if no one is dancing... change the music. if he was a serious journalist, he wouldn't or shouldn't been part of the Avengers II press junket.

  7. agreed, but it's a press thing for Avengers II, if he wanted to invite him back for a more serious interaction... another time.

  8. I kind of agree, but I kind of disagree, Alex. Yes, he should expect questions about his drug use since he's an anti-drug advocate. But the issues about the man who set him on that path of abuse are deep and complicated, personal and emotional. And obviously still very painful. I think the mistake was in not making it clear up front what topics were off limits.


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