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This BIG HERO 6 Cosplay Cannot Deactivate Until You're Satisfied With Your Care

Hiro and Baymax from Beyond Infinity; Source: Facebook
Big Hero 6 was a great movie with heartwarming characters and fantastic visuals, but one thing it hasn't gotten much credit for is its diversity. The main character Hiro Hamada was Asian, which is extremely rare in American animated movies. That has allowed a new opportunity for Asian cosplayers, some of whom have brought Big Hero 6 to life. For example, cosplayers of Beyond Infinity have been creating an incredible series of photo shoots recreating scenes from the movie. Check this one out:

You can view all the scenes from Beyond Infinity's Tumblr, as well as their Facebook page.

[Via Goboiano]

What do you think of the cosplay?

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  1. Nice! Asian cosplayers always go all out for Anime, so it is no surprise to see how well this is done.

  2. Very cool. I'm glad to see more diverse people represented.


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