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Infographic Charts Every Romantic Relationship in the Marvel Universe

Who has hooked up with who in the Marvel Universe? WebHostingBuzz put together this epic infographic of the many sweet and sordid relationships in the Marvel Universe. For simplicity, they restricted it to the primary Marvel Universe (616).

There are some surprises and confusing moments (Deadpool slept with Death?) but one thing is for sure: Wolverine is a true playa'.

"SuperLove – Marvel’s Romantic Relationships Mapped" by WebHostingBuzz

What do you think of the infographic? Who's your favorite (or least favorite) romance in the Marvel comic universe?
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  1. Wow, some of those superheroes get around...

  2. I second Alex's comment, LOL. This was an ambitious chart to put together. I'm not huge on comic books, but this really lays out how complex they are. Exactly my kinds of stories! :D

  3. Need some Marvin Gaye on in the background while reading that.

  4. So pretty much somehow, some way, EVERYONE connects back to Tony Stark, right?

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