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10 Greatest Fictional Talk Show Hosts in Sci-Fi History

The Running Man - Damon Killian (Richard Dawkins)

This week a new late night talk show started called The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore on Comedy Central. It's hilarious and we'll do a post telling you more about it later today, but it started us thinking about talk show hosts in sci-fi. Who are the greatest?

Update: Added two more

10. Dave Endochrine from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2
The host of The Dave Endochrine Show is played by Conan O'Brian and is stupid enough to interview the Joker. It doesn't work out well.

9. Tony Pope from Predator 2
When the Predator starts hunting in the city people get nervous and one man is willing to stand up and call the police out on the killings: Tony Pope. Pope is played by real-life shock show host Morton Downey Jr. who hosts "Hard Core" and his interview is cut short.

8. Max Quordlepleen from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981)
In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy there's a "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" called "Milliways" and the enthusiastic host is Max Quordlepleen. Quordlepleen is played by Colin Jeavons.

7. Max Headroom
While Max Headroom, played by Matt Frewer, is best known for his commercials and cyberpunk TV series he also served as a veejay for a music video show on The Max Headroom Show and Cinemax. Eccentric and hilarious, he became the face of the 80s and was even parodied in Back to the Future II.

6. Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element
Ruby Rhod, played by Chris Tucker, is the galaxy's most popular host. Flamboyant, irritating and charismatic he drives Corbin crazy, but we love him. Or hate him. Interestingly, Prince was offered the role but turned it down because he said it was "effeminate."

5. Joe Kline from The Flash

Played by comedian Richard Belzer, Joe Kline is known as "The Voice of the City" and does a series of tabloid news stories on The Flash.

4. Mike Engel from The Dark Knight

Anthony Michael Hall plays the host of Gotham Tonight and interviews various guests until the Joker crashes an interview with Coleman Reese. Anyone that can stay cool while hearing a death threat is an awesome host.

3. Fegan Floop from Spy Kids
The "number 2" kid's TV show is "Floop's Fooglies" and the host is the wonderfully inventive Fegan Floop played by Alan Cumming. In reality, he's a powerful supervillain turning spies into monsters for his  show. His song is awesome though.

2. Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games
In the world of The Hunger Games children are made to fight to the death in an arena for the amusement of The Capital. The only man that could make something like that seem fun and exciting is Caesar Flickerman. Flickerman is played by Stanley Tucci with a ridiculous wig, chicklet teeth and an infectious laugh.

1. Damon Killian from The Running Man
"Who loves you and who do you love?!" Richard Dawson played the host of the fictional TV show The Running Man. The show took condemned criminals and put them in an arena to run for their lives. As the real-life host of Family Feud he was the perfect TV host, but he was also the most sadistic host ever. We love him and love to hate him.

Who's your favorite TV host in science fiction?


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  1. Ah! Fifth Element! I think that one hit home most for me. :)

  2. Everytime I see Max Headroom I want to drink a New Coke.

  3. I knew the Hunger Games would be on that list.


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