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10 Things To Know About AKA JESSICA JONES

Krysten Ritter; Source: AP/Marvel
With the announcement of Krysten Ritter playing Jessica Jones in the Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones, many in the media asked, "Who's Jessica Jones?" She's one of four Marvel characters that Netflix bought the TV rights for, so with production starting soon, let's deep dive into who she is and why you should be excited about the TV series.

1. Jessica Jones first appeared in the comic book series Alias in 2001 (no relation to the TV show), and ran for twenty-eight issues under Marvel's mature MAX imprint.
2. At the time of comic's publication (and presumably the TV series), Jessica Jones is a superheroine who retired from crimefighting to pursue a new career as a private detective.

3. Jones gained superpowers after a car accident with a military convoy doused her with radioactive chemicals, granting her superstrength, flight, and a limited resistance to damage.
Source: Marvel
4. Jones fought crime as a low-level superhero nicknamed Jewel until the supervillain Purple Man used his mind control to turn her into his slave. After months of servitude, Jones was finally freed, but the experience left her traumatized.

5. The PTSD from her Purple Man encounter caused Jones to quit her life as a superhero. The experience also caused her to stop flying altogether, seemingly having lost the ability.

6. As a private detective, Jones takes on cases involving superheroes and supervillains, even though she refuses to put on her costume again.

7. In the comics, Jones struck up a friendship and falls in love with Luke Cage. They were married and have a child together named Danielle. Reportedly, her romantic story arc will be picked up in the TV show.

8. Jones also briefly took on a job with The Daily Bugle as a superhero correspondent for the newspaper supplement Pulse. We're not sure if that will happen in the show.

9. Given the back story, we expect part of the reason Netflix took on the series is that her lost powers and identity will make it cheap to produce. In the comics, Jones eventually regained her power of flight, but we don't think that will happen in the show.

10. In the comic series, Jones briefly returned to her superhero identity as Jewel. No word on whether that will happen on the TV show.

11. The original comic series dealt with the emotional journey of Jones trying to heal and help others. If the TV show followed that pattern, it would be a very different portrayal of a superhero.

12. The original Jones comic series dealt frankly with sex and violence. Jones used adult language, smoked, and drank. Since this is the same network that brought you House of Cards, we might see the same in the TV series.

What do you think of Jessica Jones?

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  1. That does sound interesting. I probably have seen her in some Marvel stories but didn't really notice. In an Ultimates story there seemed like there was a character like her but she was black. Maybe it was the same one?


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