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Watch Max Headroom's Insane Interview With William Shatner

Back in the eighties, one of the biggest pop culture icons was Max Headroom. Performed by Matt Frewer in heavy latex, Max Headroom was a supposedly computer-generated talk show host with the improvisational mind of Robin Williams and the shape-changing zaniness of the Mask. He had his own talk show on Cinemax in 1986 called The Original Max Talking Headroom Show with a live studio audience and bewildered guests. We never got to see it in its original run, but found this clip of Max's interview with William Shatner, who did an admirable job of trying to keep up.

What did you think of the interview?

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  1. I remember seeing that episode! Do I win a prize?

  2. Long live the 80's! I need to break out my Coca-Cola shirts that Max made me buy with red pull tabs off the soda cans. Shatner was pretty quick witted.

  3. I didn't have cable back then, so I completely missed this. I did see Headroom around, though.

  4. Agreed, Shatner held his own surprisingly well


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