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Sci-Fi Characters Who Survived Their Planet's Destruction [Infographic]

In real life, planets getting destroyed in a pretty rare occurrence. In science fiction, it happens way more often, usually leaving only a handful of survivors. From Superman to Spock, there's any number of characters  who escaped the ultimate destruction of their world. Confused.com created this spiffy infographic covering this popular theme.
Planets destroyed
Brought to you by Confused.com

Any other survivors you can think of? Who are your favorite survivors?

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  1. And in a fight to the death, Leia wins!

  2. Battlestar lost the most planets - do they win?

  3. I think I'd rather be among the mass of the population that DIDN'T survive. I wouldn't want to have to be broody the rest of my life.

  4. Arthur Dent of course! Unless you count the dolphin population.

  5. Titan A.E. I wonder though which villain survived his homeworld's destruction, as some of them probably become villains because of that.


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