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Watch Worf Say "Klingons Do Not..." Again and Again

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, one of Worf's favorite things was to start a sentence with "Klingons do not..." I guess it's easier to say what Klingons don't do than what they do. Here's a collection of some of  Worf's best "Klingons do not" moments.

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[Via Reddit]

What's your favorite Worf moment?

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  1. I like their views on relationships and conquering. I'm sure my wife would disagree though...

  2. ^^ haha at Alex!

    It's not just Klingons who refuse to be probed...

  3. I think this shows Worf's human side a lot. He wants to be accepted so much as a Klingon instead of a human, he has to verbally express what Klingons do to constantly attempt to convince himself and those around him., which is a human tendency.

    Hmm, did I go too deep? lol

  4. I bet Klingons do not watch YouTube videos because they're too busy eating Targ hearts and worms and drinking blood wine and singing songs about killing stuff...basically Klingons are intergalactic rednecks.

  5. Klingons do not participate in video monta...Never mind.


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