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Top 10 Things You May Have Missed from San Diego Comic Con 2014 [List]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2015) Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
Here are 10 things you missed at San Diego Comic con 2014. The biggest science fiction convention in the world happened last weekend and as usual a ton of cool stuff was announced. Just in case you missed it, here are the ten biggest announcements of the Sand Diego Comic Con this year.

1. S.H.I.E.L.D. at Comic-Con: 3 new characters (including a superhero!) + hilarious gag reel

2. Hot Comic-Con Trailer: ‘Batkid Begins’ Brings Make-A-Wish Phenom To Screen

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser
Here's how /Film describes the teaser along with low-res images from IMGUR

The short teaser opens with Batman in a full armor suit from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Glowing eyes, very mechanical, it’s pouring rain He pulls down a lever on something and we realize it’s the Bat Signal. It has the new Batman logo (reminiscent of the one from Miller’s comic).

The camera slowly pans up to reveal the signal projected in the air but right in the middle of it: Superman.

He’s illuminated in the sky amongst the pouring rain with his red glowing eyes.

Cut back to Batman, staring right back at Superman with his blue glowing eyes and we cut to the logo.

5. The Can’t Miss Panel Of This SDCC Was Mike Tyson Mysteries

6. Biz Markie & Channing Tatum Sing 'Just A Friend' At Comic-Con

7. Adam Savage (Mythbusters) Incognito at Comic-Con 2014

8. Hot Trailer: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′

9. Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Audio

10. The Godzilla Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah! 

What did you miss from Comic Con? What did you see?

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  1. Really stoked about the Godzilla sequel news.
    Doesn't really look like Wonder Woman although the costume is cool.

  2. ahhhh, that's me screaming... i just saw the trailer for the Mad Max film. so many cool things for folks like us... i so love this time all the new things being shared... happy for the Avengers II... I am posting it today.

  3. The Wonder Woman costume is OK. I don't really like that Batman logo; it's so blobby. The previous ones were better.

  4. Great list! I thought I had seen it all till I came here! (I'm looking at you Biz Markie)
    I saw the leaked BvS teaser before it got yanked from youtube...Goosebumps!!!!
    If they can cram all the classic Kaiju into the next Godzilla I will die a happy man. ;-)

  5. I have seen the Batman v Superman teaser numerous times. Its good. Great music.

  6. Maybe people will like this new Man of Steel film even after seeing it?

  7. It has an epic feel Rollo.

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  8. Cool Stuff. Someday I will go to Comic Con.

  9. Oh yeah David. It's awesome. I love the crowds cheering. That's why we love comic con.

  10. The Mad Max trailer is killer Jeremy and I saw your awesome pics!

  11. It's not the traditional costume, that's for sure Alex.

  12. This one is definitely beefier Pat

  13. I wonder if he is just super enraged. It looks like they are taking this fight scene right out of Dark Knight Returns with Batman wearing the armor. I pray for Kryptonite gloves.

  14. it's sad i am more thrilled about the Avengers II trailer... more than the GOTG that starts this weekend...

  15. I love that Adam Savage one-ups himself every year. Before long he's going to have a hard time keeping it up.

  16. Oh yeah Tom! Those gloves would be awesome. I imagine when Superman gets really, really mad he starts losing control of his heat vision.


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