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Handy Infographic of Books That Forecasted the Future by Printerinks [Infographics]

 "Prediction or Influence? A History of Books That Forecast the Future" by Isabelle Turner from Printerinks
Here's an Infographic of all the times science fiction books predicted the future. We call it science fiction because the technology doesn't exist or couldn't exist but every now and then the science comes true.

Isabelle Turner from Printerinks created this expansive chart of books that forecast the future.

Via io9

What do you think of the infographic? What's the most impressive prediction on the list? What science fiction technology do you wish existed today?

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  1. Apparently that Stand on Zanzibar book got a lot of things right. Never heard of it. Of course science fiction also got a lot of things wrong too, like life on Venus and Mars.

  2. Very imaginative writers.
    I am partial to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

  3. Yeah that's surprising since I've never read it Pat. Science fiction is still fiction of course.

  4. Jules Verne's work is incredible even by today's standards.


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