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First Trailer and Details About STAR WARS: REBELS [Television]

Source: Lucasfilm
I have to say, I was never comfortable with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While it was nice to have a weekly series and new adventures, it didn't feel like Star Wars to me. The clone troopers who were supposed to be heroes (but you knew would become stormtroopers), the weird proto-starships that looked like twisted versions of familiar ships from the original movies, the Jedi fighting "Separatists" instead of the Empire, and Anakin as the hero just never felt right. Plus, it never felt like canon, since Lucasfilm tended to pick and choose which elements of the Expanded Universe to keep.

That's why I'm looking forward to the new CGI TV series, Star Wars: Rebels. On Star Wars Day (May the fourth), Starwars.com released the first official full trailer for the new show. I have to say this show looks right; stormtroopers, TIE fighters, fighting the evil Empire, that's what I came to see. Plus, Lucasfilm and Disney have stated it's all going to be canon, tying in directly to the cinematic universe.

According to Lucasfilm, the series will be set five years before Star Wars: A New Hope. It'll follow a single crew of a starship known as the Ghost, and will include a renegade Jedi, a Boba Fett-like female warrior, a wisecracking robot, and more. According to early reports, the series will be about this ragtag crew evolving into the Rebellion, which leads directly into the original trilogy.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the TV series?

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  1. HA! It's nice to see the stormtroopers at the :19 mark are as dumb as the ones in the original trilogy. Look I think this blinking beeping thing is a bomb, BOOM!!!
    I miss watching Clone Wars with my son, so this will be just as good or better.

  2. Never got into Clone Wars either. While the animation is really good, I probably won't watch this one either.

  3. True, the stormtroopers deliver the stupid. Makes you wonder how the Empire survived for so long

  4. I've been watching the Clone Wars recently on Netflix and have been liking it more and more. I might have to watch at least a few episodes of the new series. Really it sounds like a Star Wars version of Firefly which since Disney has Whedon on the payroll already maybe he could give them some tips?

  5. I never really got into Clone Wars, but I don't see that changing with Rebels, either. Maybe someone will say something to drastically change that, but it's not likely.


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