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What If PHANTOM MENACE Could Never Die [Videos]

Source: YouTube
Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace is one of those movies that divides fans. Some love it, others hate it. Those who hate it feel most strongly because it's official canon, and how it affects our view of the original trilogy. It can never be denied or erased. YouTubers Hello Greedo clearly fall on the side of "hate it," because they created this horror/comedy short, 5,428 Days Later. It imagines what would happen if Phantom Menace literally wouldn't go away. Even if you like the movie, this is pretty creepy.

What do you think of Phantom Menace?

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  1. It payed homage to so many horror films in the process! Very funny. Didn't hate it, although watching it a second time made me realize it really wasn't very good. Fans were just desperate.

  2. HA! That was awesome! I liked the making of it at the end to see how the got some of those shots. How many VHS tapes sacrificed their lives to the making of this video? I personally liked Phantom Menace (not JAR JAR). The storytelling was an image of what happened in episode IV. Farm Boy/Slave finds his destiny to save the day. It even ended the same with a celebration after the destruction of the enemies ship.

  3. I thought Episode I was OK the first time I watched it but in the context of the series it really is the least important movie.


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