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Internet Fandom By the Numbers [Infographic]

Is Star Trek better than Star Wars? Is Twilight better than Harry Potter? By counting up various fan activities online, Cheezburger.com created a "population" of fans comparable to an existing country to measure Internet popularity.

[Via Bitrebels.com via Cheezburger.com]

What do you think? Is this accurate? Does your favorite fandom measure up?

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  1. Twilight beats all but Harry Potter. That is so sad...

  2. So does Twilight include extreme hatred for the franchise?

  3. I thought the bottom two would have more fans.

  4. Intense members of any fandom can be a little scary, but the Twilightees are the nastiest bunch of mean-girls-who-never-grew-up that I've ever come across.

  5. So as a Star Trek fan I get to participate in a season of Survivor? As...one of the locals?


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