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Animated FANGIRLS Short Shows The Dark-Side of FIREFLY Fandom [Video]

What happens to fan when you get married and have kids? Does that mean you need to "get a life?"

Fangirls is an animated short by Leigh Lahav that shows the passion that fans have (male or female) for a show or movie long after the others have moved on.

It hits pretty close to home sometimes, but the first thing is to accept it, and then embrace it.

The "Fangirl Update Meeting" is full of fans of Sherlock, Firefly, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Marvel and others. What happens when another fan leaves the group for a normal life?

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Via The Mary Sue

What do you think of the video? Is there a science fiction franchise you still call yourself a fan of?

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  1. That was funny, especially with the Firefly fans reporting nothing new.
    I'm a fan of certain movies and show, but I've never been that kind of fan. Even I wander around Star Trek conventions thinking some of those people are crazy.

  2. HA! This is funny because it is so close to the truth. I can relate to getting married and not doing some of the thing I used to do. That does not make you any less a fan. Although I would not have stood in line and urinated in a bag to see a panel.

  3. Hey Alex c'mon dude, the great thing about Star Trek (beside the fact trek is so cool) is the show doesn't take itself too seriously. Hilarious fangirl video lads, Hail Star Trek.


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