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51 Foot Tall Dragon is World's Largest Walking Robot [Stuff]

Zollner Elektronik AG robot

Giant robots have been in science fiction for decades, but now we have a truly impressive giant robot in real-life.
A remote-controlled robot dragon known as "Tradinno" (a combination of tradition and Innovation) is featured in the latest entry in the 2014 Guinness World Records Book as "The Largest Walking Robot" along with "Largest Collection of Star Wars" and the "Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog."

The robot (affectionately nicknamed "Fanny") is used in the German folk play "Drachenstich," performed each August in the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald. It’s 51 feet (15.72 m) long, 40 feet (12.33 m) wide, and 26 feet (8.20 m) tall. Tradinno was actually built back in 2010, but it's just now being recognized by the record books.

Developed by Zollner Elektronik AG, Tradinno is remote-controlled and capable of walking on four legs, both indoors and outdoors. The sheer size and design challenge of the robot is what motivated Zollner to create it. They said, "The other fascinating aspect for the team was the fact that the mechatronic system was to star in the oldest German folk play."

Here’s hoping their next project is a life-sized version of Voltron.

(Via io9)

What do you think of the world's largest walking robot? Will they beat the record soon?

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  1. Adult Swim was saying Voltron should be the mascot of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, so I think 7 years would be enough time for them to create life-sized remote control one. Or make a giant Optimus Prime--the original one not the Michael Bay movie one.

  2. There's a piece of land near where I live, and I wanted to turn it into a miniature golf course, with a dragon at least that size as the feature. Wish I could have made that dream come true. Don't mind me, I get silly ideas like that all the time, but if I ever win the lottery, yeah, I'd invest in a fire breathing dragon all my own! LOL

  3. I want the money it took to make this...

  4. Took three+ years to recognize it as the largest walking robot? I bet it was LIVING DRAGONS who lobbied against the award. No politician wants to cross them.

  5. Sweet! That would be downright scary to see up close. But also cool! You could do pictures of running away from it. Since still pictures don't capture speed, they'd totally look real. :D


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