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PACIFIC RIM as a Classic Godzilla Movie

As I said in my overview of why Pacific Rim failed, partly marketing could be blamed. Maybe if Warner Bros had pushed harder to connect Pacific Rim to the giant monster movies of the past, it would have been more successful. Or not. Either way, this fanmade trailer is cool. It's made in the style of the old Godzilla movies, complete with cheesy logo, indecipherable Japanese, and grainy footage. It's giant robotics go watching happy lizard time!

[Via Geekexchange]

What did you think of the trailer? Would it have made you more or less likely to watch Pacific Rim?

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  1. I love what fans come up with. I hope to see this movie.

  2. A little classic Gojira music! Godzilla is a kaiju. However, don't think the cheese factor would've helped. Fun trailer though.

  3. Sweet. I still would have seen it, but that trailer made me want to see it again.


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