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50 Misconceptions About Science Everyone Believes

The pterodactyl is a dinosaur. Gravity pulls things downward. A lot of these "facts" related to science are told at parties, among friends, and are even taught in school. And a lot of it is wrong. Mental Floss is here to correct those misconceptions with this video listing and correcting fifty of them.

[Via Neatorama]

Did you have any of these misconceptions? What common misconceptions do you know that can be corrected?

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  1. I'm probably guilty of all of them.

  2. Some of those were interesting. Some were odd. Duck quacks echo louder? Never heard that. Actually, proud to say I only had a couple misconceptions!

  3. This was one of the few video clips I've seen where the guy tried to be humorous, while talking fast, WAS humorous, and not annoying.

    Great facts too. I actually knew a lot of them, and never heard of a bunch of them. I did NOT realize pterodactyls were not dinosaurs though.

  4. A few new facts I didn't know about. Scored on all the animal ones. (And Pilot Whales are also dolphins.)

  5. i always feel dumber, not that i am dumb... just how i don't really know stuff.


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