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Would You Rather: Kill Batman or Superman's Parents? [Poll]

It's time again for "would you rather," the game where we ask the hard questions. This week: would you rather kill Batman or Superman's parents?

The Scenario: Lex Luthor and the Joker team up to change history, causing Bruce Wayne and Kal-El's parents to survive to modern-day. The Waynes avoided getting mugged, and Jor-El got smart and built a spaceship big enough to take him and his whole family off Krypton. Without these crucial moments, an alternate reality now exists where Bruce Wayne never became Batman and Kal-El never became Superman. As a result, evil has reigned unchecked. You have a chance to go back in time to correct it, but you can only do it once. Who would you choose to kill?

The Ground Rules:
  • You can only save one set of parents.
  • Whoever's parents are saved never becomes a superhero.
  • You have to kill the parents yourself. That means you have to be the one who pulls the gun trigger on Wayne's parents or drops a boulder on Kal-El's parents.

Who would you kill? Answer the poll and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. That is quite a scenario. Superman is more powerful so in a world with evil running amok he'd be the one I'd rather have around.

  2. I would kill Batman's parents. He would just lock me up in Arkham, and I'd be out with good behaviour in a few months.

  3. first bruce wouldn't be batman... just a lush billionaire... superman would still be superman, wait that's right he wouldn't come to earth.. so there would be no superman. can we just kill or have the parents die so the world would be right. :)

  4. I would so miss the bat. So I'd have to do in his parents, otherwise we'd never get the bat, and that'd be a real shame.

  5. I vote Batman's parents. I think Superman is more powerful and can do more good.

  6. Never mind. I reread the post and mean the opposite. I want Superman around, though.

  7. I hate to say it, but I have to vote for Batman's parents. Batman is such an interesting character- it's a shame he has to lose his parents in order for us to keep him around.


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