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Every Hidden Easter Egg in MAN OF STEEL - UPDATED [List]

Man of Steel (2013) LexCorp Tower

Here are all the hidden Easter eggs you may have missed in Man of Steel.

Millions have seen the Superman film Man of Steel, but you may not have seen everything.

Easter eggs are nicknames given to little things hidden in a film that are inside jokes or references. Man of Steel has a bunch of them, and some point to the future of the movies and the upcoming Justice League superteam film.

Director Zack Snyder confirmed that he has "been making references to the DC Universe, just to let you know that world is out there..."

Here are a bunch of things that went by so fast you probably didn't notice them.

Be warned, some of these are spoilers!

6/21/2013 Added two more
5/30/2014 Added Aaron Smolinski

1. Superman's 1978 Birthship

Superman (1978)

The birth ship in Man of Steel is very different from the spiky sea urchin design in the 1978 film. But there's one scene where it shows up.

When Jor-El is telling the history of Krypton, Clark's ship is shown with stylized rays around it which perfectly matches the design from the first film.

2. LexCorp

At several points in the film we see a reference to LexCorp, which is the company owned by Lex Luthor. 

Besides the LexCorp building, there are two trucks with the logo. 

Lex Luthor is Superman's mortal enemy and, during the John Byrne era, became a powerful businessman.

3. Papp's Westside Pizza

This pizza place in Smallville is named after George Edward Papp, one of the main artists on the long-running Superboy feature from 1958–1967.

4. Kelor and Kelex

In the film, Jor-El's robot helper is called Kelor. Superman's Fortress of Solitude helper Kelex appears as well.

In the comics they're Kryptonian service robots. Kelor first appeared in World of Krypton (Volume 2) #3 in 1988.

Kelor is voiced by Rondel Reynoldson and Kelex is voiced by Carla Gugino.

5. Wayne Enterprises Satellite

General Zod destroys a satellite with a "Wayne Enterprises" logo on it. This is a reference to a shared universe between Superman and Batman.

Writer David Goyer said, "The 'Dark Knight' films do not exist in the same universe." But, he added, "Zack [Snyder] has gone on record. The fact that we have Wayne Industries on the satellite, Bruce Wayne exists in this universe."

Director Zack Snyder said, “I’m saying..well, it’s a nod of the hat and a tribute absolutely. I wanted to do something for me that just acknowledges the amazing partnership and friendship that I have with Chris [Nolan], and I just wanted that in the movie somehow.”

6. Smallville Hotel

In the comics, Smallville Hotel is one of the town's landmarks.

It first appeared in Adventure Comics #166 and is described as the town's lone hotel.

7. Booster Gold's Blaze Comics

During the fight with Zod and Superman a building is seen in the background that says "Blaze Comics."

This is a reference to Booster Gold. Booster Gold is a superhero that first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986) and was a member of the Justice League. In the comics, Blaze Comics is the publisher that published the Booster Gold comic books.

8. Utopia Casino

During the fight between Zod and Superman you can see a sign for the Utopia Casino.

In the comics, Tony Gallo builds the Utopia Casino in the heart of New Troy, Metropolis. He's the man who brings huge stores of Kryptonite to Metropolis. Kryptonite, of course, is Superman's only weakness.

It's Lex Luthor that realizes it's effect on Superman and makes a ring out of it.

9. Sullivan's Truck & Tractor Repair 
When Clark is teased as a boy his father is shown working at "Sullivan's Truck & Tractor Repair."

This is a reference to Chloe Sullivan, played by Allison Mack, one of Clark's best friends in Smallville from the TV show.

10. Ezra's Mail Depot

One of the storefront's in Smallville has a reference to Ezra's Mail Depot. In the Smallville TV series Ezra Small is the founder of Smallville, and an ancestor of Henry Small and Lana Lang.

11. Toomey Waste Disposal

Another sign in Smallville is a reference to DC Comics writer Bob Toomey who wrote Superman Family comics in the 70s.

12. Weisinger Elementary School 

In a family photo, we see that Clark attended Weisinger Elementary School which is a nod to Superman editor Mort Weisinger.

He was editor over Superman when several historic concepts were developed like the concept that a yellow sun multiplies Superman's powers.

13. Supergirl Kara Zor-El

When Clark finds an old ship from Krypton the room is filled with pods.

Most of the pods contain dead bodies, but one is open. Some have suggested this is Kara, Clark's cousin who becomes Supergirl.

The Man of Steel 42-page prequel comic focuses on Kara Zor-El and her travel in a Kryptonian scout ship to Earth. After the ship is sabotaged, it crash lands on Earth. The events take place 1000 years before the events in the film and show SOMEONE leaving the ship. It could be Kara or the homicidal maniac Dev-Em.

In an interview with Crave director Zack Snyder talked about the pods. "You know what's interesting, and I don't know and I'm not going to say what it means or anything, but the one thing if you look closely when [Clark's] going through the Fortress of Solitude there's an empty... you know all the bodies... the pods?" Snyder asked. "There's an empty pod. I'm not going to say what, or if, it means anything but there is an empty pod there."

14. Professor Emil Hamilton 

In the film Dr.Hamilton, presumably before he becomes a Professor, helps Superman. In the comics, Hamilton works for the laboratory S.T.A.R. Labs and invented Superman's robot doubles.

15. Jax-Ur

In the sky above Krypton is a shattered moon, this is a reference to the crime committed by Zod's lead scientist Jax-Ur played by Mackenzie Gray.

In the comics, he was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for destroying the moon Wegthor, and killing the population of 500, while experimenting with a nuclear warhead-equipped rocket

This may also be the reason Krypton abandoned spaceflight and ran out of resources.

16. Major Captain Carrie Farris

Near the end of the film, a female soldier tells General Swanwick that she thinks Superman is "kind of hot." Some have speculated that her name refers to Green Lantern's girlfriend Carol Ferris. Carrie could be short for Carol.

17. Pete Ross

Played by Jack Foley, Pete is an enemy that turns into a friend after Clark saves his life in a bus crash.

Peter Joseph "Pete" Ross was introduced in Superboy (volume 1) #86 in 1961.

In his many appearances from the comics to the Smallville show he's one of the few that knows Clark's secret.

18. Lana Lang

In the schoolbus scene, Clark is being taunted by Pete and young Lana Lang (Jadin Gould) defends him. In the comics, Lana Lang is one of Clark Kent's best friends and a teenage love interest in Smallville. Just like in the movie, she's one of the few that knows his secret abilities. Lana first appeared in Superboy #10 (1950).

19. S.T.A.R. Labs

We know that Hamilton is in the film, but writer David Goyer said there's a reference to STAR Labs as well. "We mentioned S.T.A.R. Labs at one point, that's kind of a connection to Cyborg." No one has found this reference in the film, so it may have been cut out. S.T.A.R. Labs (Scientific and Technological Advanced Research), is a fictional research facility, and organization that first appeared in Superman #246 (December 1971).

20. Allison Isenberg
In Lois Lane's bulletin board is a story about a woman named Allison Isenberg. Isenberg is one of the
art department assistants on Man of Steel.

21. Topaz Lane

Topaz Lane is one of the many famous streets of Metropolis. In the movie, one of the streets in Smallville is called Topaz St.

22. Whitney Fordham

In one scene they refer to "that Fordman boy." Robert Gerdisch (left) was cast to play the role, but he doesn't appear onscreen. In the scene where Clark almost gets in a fight, Fordham (Robert Gerdisch) is the boy threatening him. Whitney Fordham first appeared on the show Smallville as star quarterback of the Smallville High's football team and Lana's boyfriend. The football jersey is a dead giveaway.

Updated: Its been pointed out that the spelling of the name is different between the movie and the show. It could be a typo on IMDb, but if someone could check the credits that would clear that up.

23. Guardian

In tdifferent been there is a character named Colonel Nathan Hardy, played by Chris Meloni. His callsign is "Guardian" which is a reference to the superhero first appearing in Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942). Although the comic book character's name is Jim Harper.

24. All-Star Superman

The monologue used by Jor-El (Russell Crowe) in the teaser trailer is similar to Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman from 2005.

The trailer says: "You'll give the people an ideal to strive towards.  They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time...they will join you in the sun. In time you will help them accomplish wonders."

The comic says: "You have given the people an ideal to aspire to. Embodied their highest aspirations.  They will race and stumble... and fall... and crawl... and curse... and finally...they will join you in the sun Kal-El."

25. Superman: Secret Origin

The dialogue from the scene where Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Clark Kent are talking in the barn is similar to Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origin (2009). In the comic, Clark says, "I want to be your son." and Jonathon says, "Clark...You are my son." In the movie, Clark says, "Can't I just keep pretending I'm your son?" and Jonathan responds, "You are my son."  As a father, that scene choked me up, by the way.

Dialogue for the teaser trailer was also inspired by the comic: "You’re not just anyone. One day, you’re gonna have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, is gonna change the world."

26. Superman: Birthright

Another line from the scene with Clark and Jonathan is "You're the answer son. You're the answer to 'Are we alone in the universe?" which is similar to a phrase in the Mark Waid comic Superman: Birthright (2003). In the comic, Ma Kent says, "'Are we alone in the Universe?' is a question man has asked since time began … and you're the answer."

27. Father Leone

In one scene, Clark goes to a church and talks to a priest named Father Daniel Leone, played by Coburn Goss. In the comics, Leone is a recurring character and confidant of Superman at the pastor of the "Sacred Heart Church" in Metropolis. He first appears in Superman #204 (2004).

28. Nam-Ek

General Zod has a large following, but one guy is head and shoulders above the rest. Literally. There is a large Kryptonian that fights Superman in Smallville. He's not named in the movie, but the novelization describes him as "Nam-Ek, taking up the rear, was more than nine feet tall..." Several other characters have the name Nam-Ek in Superman history.

In the prequel comic, he's one of the six young candidates training for the Explorer Guild. In the TV show, Smallville, he's one of the followers of Zod known as the "Disciples of Zod." Back in Superman #282 (1974) there's a Kryptonian exile, named Nam-Ek, that turns purple after drinking a potion made from a Kryptonian Randor horn.

29. Smallville Water Tower
Note: The photo is from pre-production photos while filming.
In the scene where Superman is fighting the Kryptonians in Smallville, the water tower from the TV show Smallville can be seen.

The water tower itself is a reference to the famous water tower at Warner Bros. studios, which owned the WB network.

30. Mayor of Plano 

In he scene where Superman crashes into the Smallville Bank, look for the Mayor of Plano. They filmed the Smallville fight scenes in Plano, Illinois.

An issue of Empire magazine said that the Mayor, Robert “Bob” Hausler, has a cameo in the film. The magazine only said to look for "a particularly oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening" bank teller.

31. Christopher Reeve Has a Cameo (Disputed)

In the scene where Superman faces the power of the World Engine, his face is distorted by the energy. For a brief moment, he looks like the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

Via Reddit

Update: This hasn't been confirmed by anyone in the production, but it sure looks like him.

32. Faster than a Speeding Bullet,  More Powerful Than a Locomotive

The Max Fleischer Superman cartoon, begins with the phrase, "Faster than a speeding bullet!  More powerful than a locomotive!"

In the battle in Smallville, Col. Hardy calls in an air strike and Superman outruns bullets.

Later, Superman is hit by a train (or locomotive) and isn't harmed by it.

33. Conduit
When Clark is harassed as a young boy, he refuses to stand up to a high school boy named Ken Braverman (Rowen Kahn). In the comics, Kenny Braverman is another Smallville boy who was exposed to Kryptonian radiation from Clark's ship and grows up to be the super-villain Conduit.

Conduit wears body armor that allows him to shoot beams of Kryptonite radiation.  He was created by writer Dan Jurgens and first appeared in the 1994 comic Superman: The Man of Steel #0. (Hat tip to SovereignEternal for the heads up!)

34. Aaron Solinski

Jim Bowers, from Caped Wonder, posted to his Facebook page: "There is going to be a cameo by a classic Superman movie actor in Man of Steel. Care to guess who?" At first everyone thought it was Christopher Reeve, but in fact it's Aaron Smolinski who has a cameo as an Air Force Communications Officer. Smolinski first played Baby Kal-El in Superman (1978) and went on to appear in Superman II and Superman III.

(Hat tip to Kal El from Superman1978.com!)

35. Kneel Before Zod

One of Zod's classic lines from Superman II was "Kneel before Zod!" While Michael Shannon doesn't say the line, he gets his wish when a broken Superman is thrown to his feet. 
(Hat tip to Josh!)

What do you think of the Easter Eggs in Man of Steel? Did you see them, did I miss any?

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughJune 18, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    Now I want to go see it again!
    Funny about Wayne Enterprises.
    Most of the Smallville scenes I'd seen from Jeremy's posts, since he was there when they were filming. Which was really cool.

  2. Great list! I missed most of these. The only ones I picked up were the more obvious ones like Petey and Lana, and a Smallville logo on a water tower that looked just like the logo for the CW series. I also noticed that when fighting Zod near the end, then were chucking semi tankers at one another that said LexCorp. I totally missed the tower, though. I love the Wayne Enterprises thing. If I see it again, I'll have to look for all of these. Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. I saw a few of those, but many of them did not register with me. Thanks to Pete Ross IHOP got a good plug in the movie and there was a fairly obvious one for Sears too.

  4. A few of them i missed indeed as I watched at my feed

  5. Geek Soul BrotherJune 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM

    Great List. I was so wrapped up in the action that I missed man of those. I'm looking out for them next time I see the film.

  6. wow... that is cool, i didn't even know i was shooting stuff, i have a whole bunch of signage i shot with names... maybe more hidden... i need to confirm this, but doctor Emil Hamilton also played in Smallville tv show... in Man of Steel as a soldier his name was "

    Alessandro Juliani"

  7. You missed the reference to the "Fordham boy" which is Whitney Fordham from Smallville, owned by CW, but he does make an unnamed appearance as a bully. The character's name appears in the credits. And of course, Chris Meloni's code name is "Guardian" named after the Kirby superhero and Metropolis/Project Cadmus resident.

  8. I thought Swanwick's name was a nod to Superman artist Curt Swan, too.

  9. The Father Leone one did occur to me afterwards since I read those comics that week since they were on sale. I could have got the "Birthright" and "Secret Identity" ones too but it seems almost every Superman graphic novel (or comics collected into a graphic novel) focus on his origin story and most of them say largely the same things. It's kind of silly.

  10. Thanks for that Tony! I updated the list.

  11. Yeah, I missed that sale. There are a lot of comics they pulled dialogue from.

  12. Your pictures were invaluable Jeremy. I couldn't have finished this list workout your Behind-the-scenes pics. And you're right, there are a few actors from Smallville that are in the movie.

  13. Let me know how many you see Man.

  14. It is exciting CeCe! Assuming you're talking about Vienna, Austria. The release date is 22, July. Enjoy!

  15. Yeah, the product placement was strong in this movie Pat.

  16. I'll look for that one Liesel. It sounds familiar. The Wayne reference is my favorite.

  17. All hail Jeremy! He's a real life Jimmy Olsen.

  18. There's a few Aquaman references as well, though very minor. When the general calls the president about Zod's ship coming to earth the security password he uses is "trident". Also, in the scene where the jock football player is bullying him Clark is holding a book about Plato, who first wrote about Atlantis. As an Aquaman fan I caught those right away.

  19. I also noticed that when Kal fights Zod in the end, they pass through a construction site. It has a sign saying "XX days since last accident". I couldn't make out the number, but after Zod threw Kal against the sign, it said "0 days since...". Not really an easter egg, but just a small thing I happened to notice.

  20. Father Leone part i thought was influenced by the For Tomorrow series but i could be wrong.

  21. During the final fight when Zod strips his armor and begins to fly, Superman is kneeling before him.

  22. There is one when Superman ans Zod are fighting, and Superman crashes into an oil truck and on the oil truck it says LexCorp.

  23. This was a reference to Plato's republic in which he described a society very similar to Krypton. (I.e a warrior class who's only purpose is war.)

  24. You're right Alex! Superman 204 is commonly known as "For Tomorrow, " so I'll update the post to reflect that.

  25. I'm still on the fence on those Mark. I've heard the same thing about the whales swimming with Clark Kent. Of course, you're comment is pretty popular, so I'll add it. Aquaman's cool.

  26. when he attempts to fly for the first time I think it was the Superfriends(or was it classic superman cartoon) flying sound effect

  27. It was Fordman not Fordham in Smallville though....

  28. Keep in mind that CW owns Whitney Fordman, so they can't use the exact same name.

  29. Also in the scene in the church, the stained glass window was of Christ in the garden praying that he wouldn't have to make the ultimate sacrifice and be crucified. Superman being such a Christ figure, I took it as he was appealing to the priest for a reason not to have to go fight Zod.

  30. Just after the kryptonian ship (Fortress of Solitude) were deploy, an officer was sleeping in front of two computers, one of them, the left one, was pointing a vast, empty red desert in Mars! Guess who comes from Mars?! Martian Manhunter ;-)

  31. During the ongoing fight seen between S-man and Zod, Zod picks up a building beam and hits Clark. Clark is slammed against a sign that says 201 Days Without an Accident, or something like that. When the sign breaks I believe it says now 01 Day Without an Accident. Not positive on that...happened quickly. Looked like a quick joke.

  32. When superman is flying up to destroy the world engine that's destroying the city his face shifts and resembles Christopher Reeves a little; most people caught that now. But I don't know if anyone caught the aftermath of that. After he destroys the world engine he ends up crash landing on an Island for a brief moment. He's basically laying on the ground reaching his hand out while he see's the damage going on in the city. You could tell it's an Island cause it's far away from the city and there's water around it. As he's reaching his hand out you could hear a female voice humming in the background; something like this: Hmmmmm hmmm Hmmmmm hmmm. Possible Wonder Woman easter egg?

  33. The Lexcorp fuel truck anyone? That was my "oh look, it's lexcorp" moment... I didn't even notice the building.

  34. batman symbol imbetted in jorels suit

  35. One of the teen-aged boys who bullies Clark is listed in the credits as Kenny Braverman, the son of Smallville who grows up to be the super-villain Conduit. (First appeared in Superman: The Man of Steel #0, October 1994)

  36. wow. I forgot all about prequel comic books to movies like this- awesome.

  37. I'm from future and your wish came true.

  38. The omg cameo who is that?

  39. I don't see why Carrie Farris is considered a reference to Green Lantern. Even if Carrie could be a nickname to Carol, Hal Jordan's love interest last name is Ferris and not Farris. It reminds me when people heard about Jenny at the Daily Planet, speculating that it was a female version of Jimmy Olsen.

  40. In the scene where Superman faces the power of the World Engine, his face is distorted by the energy. For a brief moment, he looks like the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve.
    This supports what Jim Bowers, from Caped Wonder, posted to his Facebook page: "There is going to be a cameo by a classic Superman movie actor in Man of Steel. Care to guess who?"

    That would be Aaron Smolinski who played Baby Kal-El in Superman The Movie. It's never been verified nor confirmed by anyone in the production of MOS that Reeve's face was melded with Cavill, so this is heresay and should not be considered a true Easter Egg. Too many factors to be considered for this to have happened, one would be permission from Reeve's estate to include his likeness for anything he was not contracted for. Now you make sure to visit the definitive site of Superman The Movie on the net, you hear? www.Superman1978.com

  41. Thanks Kal El! I've added a clarification to the Reeve cameo and added the Aaron Smolinski Easter Egg. That's a real blink you miss it moment.

  42. (1) During the final fight, when Zod uses his heatvision to destroy the building hey're in, there is a poser behind Kal that says; Stay calm & call Batman.
    (2) In Smallville, a store/cafe has a logo of a Spartan helmet, which is a reference to 300, another Zach Snyder movie.

    (3) AND, one I personally suspected, is Superman's use of the Earth magnetic fields, which was first talked about in the documentary 'Science of Superman', in which experts speculate about how Superman can defy gravity.
    Right before he flies off, and when Zod drops his armor in the last fight, you can clearly see that objects on the ground start floating, like small pebbles & Zod's gauntlet.
    Either that, or Snyder is a HUGE Dragonball Z fan.

  43. There was the sign that had said, a lot of days since accident, don't remember the exact number. But it was on top of a roof when they were fighting and Superman was thrown into it and it knocked the days off and made the countdown start at 0 again.


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