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7 Coolest Uniforms in Scifi Movies and TV [List]

U is for Uniforms, which lots of scifi movies and TV shows have their characters wear. Here are seven of the coolest ones out there.

1. Jedi Knights (Star Wars)
2. Starfleet (Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan)

3. Programs (Tron)

4. Peacekeepers (Farscape)
5. Earth Alliance (Babylon 5)

6. Colonial Fleet (Battlestar Galactica)
7. Krypton (Superman)

Which uniform is your favorite? Is there a uniform you like that's not listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Start Trek will always be a favorite. Liked those from SG1 as well.

  2. Not really a fan of Kryptonian fashion. I always loved those Star Trek ones with the turtlenecks. They were a lot better than the PJs in Star Trek I, where I think Kirk changed outfits like 17 times. Really it was like a Cher concert.

  3. I loved the Tron outfits(even the Legacy ones), but how would I ever go to sleep at night?

  4. i so want to be the battlestar fighter... they always looked like they were ready to kick butt... now of course tron would be nice.

  5. I really liked the uniforms from the new TRON movie. I also liked the uniforms in X-Men First Class. They weren't so over the top.

  6. The Star trek: Enterprise jumpsuits. Then the Battlestar Galactica uniforms.

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