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Batman vs. Spiderman in Economics [Infographic]

Being a superhero isn't cheap. You've got your costume, gadgets, vehicles, secret headquarters, and assorted sidekicks and assistants to pay for. So how much is that all running? That's why I thought this was such a great infographic. It compares one of the richest superheroes versus one of the poorest superheroes: Batman versus Spiderman. How much does Batman pay in taxes? What's the rent on Aunt May's apartment? Find out in this handy infographic.

Click image to see a larger versionSuperhero EconomicsSuperhero Economics: Bruce Wayne vs. Peter Parker via H&R Block

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What did you think of the infographic?

[Image Source: H&R Block]

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  1. Levis (on sale) - funny!
    Safe to say Peter Parker would never make enough money to catch up to the movie franchise.
    And can Batman's private jet be deducted as a business expense?

  2. How much are those spandex suits and webslingers of Spidey's?

  3. If that's what Peter Parker earns, then he's ridiculously rich by my standards. Funny how they make it look like he paid more than Bruce to get training, though.

  4. Yeah, I don't think a freelance photographer would make that much


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