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10 Marvel Superheroes if Designed by Pixar [Images]

With the adoption of Marvel into the Disney Universe, and Pixar still cranking out movies for Disney, it's inevitable that people started imagining Marvel superheroes as Disney characters. But I think these renditions by Phil Postma are the most impressive. He didn't just take Pixar characters and dress them in costumes, but actually adopted their style for original renditions. Check it out:

[Via Phil Postma (NSFW) via Herochan]

What did you think of the Pixar Avengers? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Nick Fury is cheating. That was already Sam Jackson as Frozone! :)

  2. Those were pretty good. Maybe at some point they can do a Pixar-Marvel-Star Wars crossover.

  3. Their Punisher might be a little different from the original, and certainly different from the other movies!

  4. abomination! mutation! impure! unclean! and funny as hell.

  5. Samuel L. Jackson is actually a superhero in his own right. His power? Obviously, it's swearing.


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