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What if 'Iron Man III' Came Out In 1981? [Video]

Marvel Studios debuted the awesome Iron Man III trailer a month ago, but it's missing something. The groovy tones and day-glo colors of the 1980s.

Above Image: Iron Man III (1981) Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. )

Superhero movies have come a long way since 1981. But there was a simple simplicity back then.

Now Jeremy Hawkins has created an awesome retro trailer for Iron Man III.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the original trailer.

What do you think of the totally rad trailer?
[Image Source: iZombieLover]

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  1. Watched it on Jeremy's site - it's awesome!

  2. The problem if it came out in 1981 was that Robert Downey Jr would be what 16?

  3. thanks for the kind post... i find myself to being a weirdo... i feel good about that, half the time... the other half i think i need some therapy...

  4. The Great American Hero! There was a really hyped TV show that didn't go anywhere. Wasn't that in the 70's?

  5. I agree the concept was greater than the show MPax. I thought so too, but it came out in 1981. How time flies.

  6. Stick with the side that needs therapy Jeremy. That's the creative side

  7. Awesome trailer but I think Jeremy needs to work on the captions a bit more. They look too neat.


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