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'Dead Links' Novel is Online [Literature]

My sci-fi thriller novel, Dead Links, is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store. Here's the brief synopsis:  
A millionaire dives into a bonfire of his own creation. A popular psychologist is shot to death by a jealous husband. A woman starves to death next to a kitchen full of food. The owners of popular websites are dying, and freelance journalist Amanda Katt wants to know why. Could it have something to do with Araknee, one of the most popular sites on the Internet? When Amanda Katt sets out to answer that question, she gets more than just another story. Someone has found a way to make a website more addictive than any drug. It will make people go anywhere, do anything, and kill anyone to protect it. As Amanda races across the country to unravel the mystery of the website's power, she finds herself plunged into a world of death and deception. She soon discovers that Araknee is everywhere and so are its followers, and that she's the only one who can stop it before it's too late.  
Readers have said:

"Just wanted to let you know that Dead Links was one of the best works on online fiction (or is it?) that I've read in ages! I have forwarded to all my friends!" - Shannon McKnight

"what a great book! i don't have alot of time to read but i finished it in just 4 days!" - Tammy Pelletier

"great book. I loved it" - Linda Leslie

"I just wanted to let you know that i loved dead links" - Jennifer Smith

Check it out for yourself on US Amazon and Amazon UK, where you can read the first chapter for free.


  1. I think I have that on my Kindle to read.

  2. Congratulations on the new release! (Not sure how someone could already have it if it's new...?) Sorry I didn't know about it sooner - post is set for tomorrow, but will do a shout-out for you in the Ninja News on Monday!

  3. To be honest, I released an old version of 'Dead Links' years ago on my old website for free. Every now and then, someone would email me about it. Recently I discovered it's been uploaded to all sorts of websites, some of which have ads so they're making money off it. Also, the version out there is riddled with typos and errors. I decided to clean it up, and put out an official version for sale. I'd appreciate the plug, Alex

  4. Awesome, thanks, remo. Let me know what you think

  5. Congratulations!! this is wonderful news and I wish you sales to the stars. I'll definitely have to pick it up asap. :)

  6. Awesome, Nigel! Congrats. All success to you. Will give your book a shoutout soon... probably Friday.


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