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5 New Products Inspired by The Avengers Movies [Stuff]

The long-awaited Avengers movie has certainly lived up to the hype that surrounded the film for months prior to its release.

Above Image: Stan Lee on an Avengers themed Harley-Davidson at the red carpet world premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers

In fact, according to Moviefone.com, the movie enjoyed a record-breaking opening weekend, easily raking in $200 million and crushing the previous record holder, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. But the cash doesn't stop there. It comes as no surprise The Avengers is also experiencing a great deal of commercial success with action figures and children's costumes, but some of the products capitalizing on the movie's success are a bit more obscure.


Though the appeal of smelling like a sweaty superhero is questionable at best, apparently there is a market for Avengers cologne products. JadsInternational.com is selling four-packs of colognes based on the most notable qualities and traits of the Avengers superheroes. "Patriot" is, of course, the supposed scent of Captain America, whereas "Smash" takes the characteristics of The Hulk. "Mark VII" captures the scent of confidence that accompanies Iron Man and Thor's musky "Worthy" cologne smells of masculinity and power.

Soda Cans

If you've been feeling like you could take on Loki by yourself, perhaps it's because you've been sipping on some Dr. Pepper. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the popular soda distributor has teamed up with Marvel to bring its customers a supercharged drinking experience.

According to Dr. Pepper's Director of Marketing David Fleming, “Dr. Pepper and Marvel’s The Avengers fans both crave epic adventure." Whether or not that is true is yet to be determined, but customers can purchase the licensed superhero cans at retailers all over the country.

Swim Mask

If your child ever wanted to swim like the Hulk, now is their chance. The Swimways Hulk Mask makes them feel just like they're Bruce Banner's alter-ego underwater. At least it will make them look like the Hulk in the eyes anyway. You can pick one up at Amazon and fine retailers everywhere.

Packaged Meat

When you think of sliced meat in a bag, surely your mind conjures thoughts of saving the world. If not, you should probably be eating more Land-O-Frost premium oven roasted turkey breast. Maybe that's a stretch, but the major lunch meat maker has teamed up with Marvel to provide consumers with the opportunity to win hero-related prizes, including a grand prize round trip to New York City to tour the Marvel offices and take a picture with Iron Man. Does it get any better?

USB Flash Drive

Superheroes don't have pockets for bulky paper or photographs, so they probably keep their important files safely on convenient USB flash drives. For your super-sized files you can buy an 8GB flash drive with Captain America's Shield, Iron Man's maskHulk's fist or Thor's hammer Mjolnir.

Other Unique Products

Some products are capitalizing on The Avengers success with the creativity of individuals. For example, you can purchase all kinds of Avengers products on websites like Zazzle, as well as handmade products on Etsy.com. In fact, one Etsy seller will let you take on Iron Man at your next party with a handmade superhero-inspired piƱata. Iron Man may appear tough and ambivalent on the outside but after a few lashings from a blindfolded kid with a stick you'll see that on the inside he's really, well...sweet.

Portions of this article were written by guest blogger Aubrey Boone
Aubrey studied in Los Angeles with some of the finest chefs. She started documenting her experiences and now contributes to various foodie blogs.

What do you think about the Avengers inspired products? Would you buy any? Is there a product you wish was inspired by the Avengers?
[Image Source: agentmlovestacos]

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  1. Packaged meat? The Tony Stark hot dog maybe?

  2. I could make some inappropriate jokes here, but I won't. Just imagine a few jokes involving bathroom and bedroom humor.

  3. LOL. Way funny! Totally gonna look for some of those! :D

  4. Ok I had never heard of the packaged meat.... so many bad jokes on the tip of my tongue......

  5. Meat? Really? Oh the dirty jokes rolling through my head right now. ;)

  6. Great idea Alex. The Tony Stark hot dog would be filled with cheese, covered in chili and have pop rocks inside to explode in your mouth while AC\DC plays in the background. That's how he rolls.

    Subject: [geektwins] Re: 5 New Products Inspired by The Avengers Movies [Stuff] ~ The Geek Twins

  7. Thanks for showing restraint Pat. LOL

    Subject: [geektwins] Re: 5 New Products Inspired by The Avengers Movies [Stuff] ~ The Geek Twins

  8. Natasha, apparently you're not alone. LOL

    Subject: [geektwins] Re: 5 New Products Inspired by The Avengers Movies [Stuff] ~ The Geek Twins

  9. hahahaha obviously not....well just the phrase "packaged meat" makes me giggle....YES I have the sense of humor of a middle schooler - I have come to terms with it ;)

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