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See What Happens When a Stormtrooper Gets Hurt [Video]

We've all seen hundreds of Imperial stormtroopers killed, but you know the one thing we didn't see in the Star Wars movies? An injured stormtrooper. Turns out the stormtroopers aren't too familiar with the concept, either, as seen in this hilarious skit from writer/director Brian Finifter.

[Via The Force.net via YouTube]

What did you think of the video? Does the Empire need to learn CPR?

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  1. Why do they even bother wearing that armor if they can't stop blasters? Or even primitive Ewok weapons?

  2. Reminded me a little of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Not quite dead yet and I think I'll be all right.
    And Maurice - LOOPER! You must go see it. Brilliant film. Finally got out to see it tonight.

  3. That was my favorite line. "I thought this stuff was to make sure you were dead. Why else would we wear it?"


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