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8 Hilarious Pictures of Dinosaur Avengers [Images]

What if the Avengers existed in the age of dinosaurs? Today, this burning question is answered. Not one, but two artists have created artwork of Marvel's Avengers as dinosaurs. It's an epic battle between two artists with the same awesomely geeky theme, and we're all winners. Let's rumble!

The first round is by David Resto. Here's what he had to say to Smithsonian about his creations:
"For the first round of dinosaurs, The Avengersaurs, I tried to incorporate the [superhero] element into these terrible lizards. Iron Brontosaurus was the first and most random. When I doodled him out from the reference, he already looked like he was taking flight from rockets at his feet. This spawned the rest. The bone shield of a Triceratops for the Captain. The primal anger of a Tyrannosaurus rex and his miniature Compsognathus, Bruce Banner, at his feet. Lastly, the almighty Mjolnir at the base of Ankylothaurus‘ tail in the adaptation to Thor."
Resto's artwork is very stylish with a faux paper look, and broad brushstrokes. While he's a very good artist, he's not a dinosaur expert. He made some mistakes that others have pointed out (like that the Brontosaurus isn't a real species of dinosaur, and the Velociraptor needs feathers), but it's still very cool. Let's take a look:

Iron Brontosaurus
Captain Ameritops

Hulkasaurus Rex

[Flickr via Smithsonian Magazine]

The next batch of prehistoric Avengers were created by famed illustrator and creature designer, Terryl Whitlatch. According to Wookiepedia, "Terryl Whitlatch is an accomplished scientifically and academically-trained illustrator who extensively studied vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy." She worked extensively for LucasArts, where is known most as the artist who designed Jar Jar Binks. But I won't hold that against her. Her dinosaurs have a great detail of anatomical detail, sacrificing some style for accuracy.

This is what she had to say about creating the Dino-Avengers:
“Everybody loves dinosaurs, from kids to the most sincere graphic novel devotee. So...I thought it would be fun to do comic book superheroes as Dinosaurs, especially in light of the Avengers movie that will be released shortly. As a child, I both enjoyed playing with my sets of plastic dinosaurs, and watching (later reading) the televised Marvel Hero cartoon series from the 1960’s. It was fun deciding what dinosaurs should be what characters. I ended up with an Ankylosaur as Iron Man (a no-brainer, as this animal is naturally armored), a Parasaurolophus as Captain America, just because I thought with that crest it would look really funny, a Triceratops as Thor, especially since when it grows up it is actually a Torosaurus, hence 'Thor'-osaurus, and a T-rex as the Hulk so I could give it really muscularly odd little arms...It’s a breath of fresh air to do fan art, and any excuse to draw dinosaurs is a good one!”

Click below to enlarge:

What do you think of the Dino-Avengers?
[Image Source: TOR]

[via Technabob via Gamma Squad via The Mary Sue via TOR]

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  1. Funny how both artists saw the Hulk as a T-Rex. I like Resto's Captain American better, but I think Whitlatc's vision of Iron Man is more accurate - can't get much tougher than an ankylosaurus.

  2. So we all agree the Hulk is the T-Rex? Someone should really get busy and adapt this into a series.

  3. is this part of prequel... of the BC kind?

  4. I love Anklyothor! So does this mean that Bruce Banner would be a Compsognathus (Compy)? Would have liked to have seen Black Widdow as a Raptor.


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