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Weather Forecasts from 'Star Wars' [Images]

A Long Time Ago, In A Weather Report Far, Far Away...

[Via BuzzFeed]

BONUS: If you want to see your own Star Wars forecast, you can go to Star Wars Weather Forecast and put in your location.

What do you think of the weather forecast?
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  1. Alex J. CavanaughAugust 9, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    Cloud City sounds the best right now. I'd take Dagobah though.

  2. Alderan's forecast is kind of dire ... see what happens if global warming gets out of hand.

  3. That is so nerdtastic.

  4. Why did I not know that there was one? It immediately reminded me of L. Ron Hubbard. Why? He started out a Sci-Fi writer and then wrote Dianetics.

    I think its cool, though.

  5. The Alderaan one cracked me up, and made me sad LOL! That was great- as was the weather report in my area!

  6. The Hoth forecast should just say, "Cold as a motherf***er!!!"

  7. The Death Star is the ultimate global warming

  8. I think it's pretty cool, too. Wish there were more


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