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Star Trek Breakfast Cereals [Images]

There's a new trend on Reddit with breakfast cereal boxes based on Star Trek. It started with Frosted Frakes by a user named Kracov. Click to enlarge...
That led Kracov to create a follow up for Ensign Crusher...

Followed by a new one by tr3k for the Doctor from Voyager. (This is our version, based on the original)
So we've decided to throw our hat into the ring with this tribute to the red-headed stepchild of Trek, Star Trek: Enterprise.

What do you think of the cereals?

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  1. Here's my best effort:

  2. Alex J. CavanaughJuly 19, 2012 at 2:34 AM

    Count Bakula is best. Would've been better if the cereal was actually chocolate though.

  3. At least there aren't any Klingon cereals in there. Those would probably be full of worms or eels or something nasty. Or for Ferengi it'd be beetles or grubs. Uck.

  4. LOL. Those are great! I love it! :D Made me chuckle!

  5. *giggle* Brilliant. Though I thing they should be Picardios instead of Picardos... *nods* They COULD have gone an earlier generation with these... In fact Count Spockula would sound more natural.

  6. I would much rather snack on some Wil Wheat Thins. But if I had to go with a cereal, it'd be Gary Grahams.

  7. hahah wow somebody redid my picardios thing lol


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