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Ride A Space Elevator With Tenderstar's Video '2007' [Video]

T is for Tenderstar
Watch a cool sci-fi style video for a band called "Tenderstar." The animation was created by a fellow blogger buddie you may know named Joshua Westbury AKA Sci-Fi Gene.

Here's how Joshua, the creator of the video describes it:
For me the best part of making this video was working with the songwriter and lead singer who were both willing to share what the song meant to them. We started with abstract visualizations of the different sounds which also set the tone for the video, then added more concepts based on the verses and the overall theme. The songwriter describes "2007" as "a song about getting your head together over the course of a year" and we came up with the elevator journey as a way of representing this.

See Tenderstar live:
24th April - Monto Water Rats, London

30th June - The Ballyhoo, 36-38 New Oxford Street, London

Directed by Joshua Westbury
"2007" music and lyrics by Asher Dresner, performed by Tenderstar
Production assistants: Mike Chapman, David Novan
Make-up: Avital Jacobs
Produced by Asher Dresner, Matt Burns and Joshua Westbury

London Independent Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection

With thanks to:
The Blender Foundation
South West Essex and Settlement Reform Synagogue
St. John's Wood Reform Synagogue
Suzanne Westbury
Kino London

"2007" (C) Tenderstar 2010 http://tenderstar.bandcamp.com
Animation (C) Joshua Westbury 2011 http://sci-fi-gene.blogspot.com
What do you think of the video?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. The graphics and scenes fit very well with the music!

  2. Alex, it does. Especially when you hit the beats.

  3. Nice backdrop, at first I thought this dude was singing on a starship and then the doors opened. I see, says I to myself, a holodeck! LOL.

  4. Now that was brilliant!!! You made me smile today...

  5. Such an awesome use of moment that matches the song.

  6. Aloha Maurice,

    Cheers for the follow, and am doing the same :)

    PS. Working for EuroDisney in Paris, France, as a 22-year-old single bloke.... yeah it was OK ;)

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