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10 Freakiest Beasts Of NBC's 'Grimm' Season One [Television]

The television show Grimm is filled with mythology, fascinating creatures and terrifying beasts, but these are the ones that stand out as the greatest and freakiest.

If you've never seen Grimm you're missing a wild show. Think X-Files with fairy tales. It's pretty popular, which explains why it was renewed for a second season. Set in modern day Portland, Oregon, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a police detective who inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures that inspired ancient fairy tales.

Besides the originality of the "species" and the complex social structure behind the "Wesen" (the collective name for the creatures) are some amazing characters. From Momma bears to black widows. Crocs to Hitler. These are the ten greatest beasts on Grimm.

10. Diane Rabe (Jägerbar)

My favorite Grimm episode is "Bears Will Be Bears" which is a fairly close re-telling of the Goldilocks story. Two young people break into a house and eat the food, drink the wine and "sleep" in the bed of a home. One of the three "bears" comes home and finds them. It's the complex cultural structure behind the Jägerbar I enjoy most. Of all of them, the Mom, Diane Rabe (Jodie Harwood) is the most dedicated. She's also the only one that we've seen turn completely animal. That's love. Tupac said it best, "Mamma. You are appreciated."

9. Lena Marcinko (Spinnetod)

The episode "Tarantella" starts like a typical Law and Order: SVU episode. A guy gets a woman into his place and tries to rape her. Then, she changes into a spider creature and sucks the juice out of him. Turns out Lena (played by Amy Acker) is a black widow and kills her mates to stay young. She breaks down in tears every time. Why? She kills strange men to keep from killing her first love. This story was touching in a way since she's forced to make tough decisions to keep her youth and her husband.  Love American style.

8. Oleg Stark (Siegbarste)

A series of brutal murders leads the police to Oleg Stark (Eric Edelstein). Also known as "Ogres" Siegbarstes are big, strong, impervious to pain and have bones as hard as steel. Kind of like Wolverine, but not as nice. Oleg doesn't say a word, but is easily the most impressive of the creatures.

7. Dimitri Skantos (Skalenzahne)

When we first see Dimitri Skantos (Jeremiah Washburn) he's attacking and eating an old man and women before being dragged into the forest. Turns out he's a crocodile-like creature known as a Skalenzahne. After tasting blood in the gladiatorial Löwen games from "Last Grimm Standing," he becomes a brutal killer. The tragedy of such a peaceful and loving person becoming in inhuman monster makes him one of my favorite bit characters. I hope they bring him back.

6. Frederick "Freddy" Calvert (Fuchsbau)

Appearing in two episodes, Freddy (Randy Schulman) ran a seemingly harmless spice & tea shop. Turns out it catered to Wesens looking for exotic herbs and spices. Kind of like KFC. At first he was selling organs (like KFC), but after being warned by Nick he switched to regular plants. He was killed for a Wesen marijuana known as "Jay," but not before taking a bite out of his killer.

5. Leo Taymor (Löwen)

Imagine if Fight Club was fought by lions with medieval weapons. The Löwen games are nothing like that. But, they are like cockfighting with shields and mace. In "Last Grimm Standing" Leo Taymor (Nick Chinlund) is a Löwen descending from an ancient race of Roman gladiators. His day job was as a parole officer, but ran an underground fight club for Wesen. A fight to the death. What made Leo so cool, was he was fearless. Facing death everyday he faced down Renard, the Wesen king, before being eaten by one of his hit men.

4. Martin Burgess (Mauzhertz)

In the episode "Of Mouse and Man" we thought we knew who the serial killer was. A big mean guy was oppressing a little mousey guy (Fred Koehler). Turns out the mousy guy was a serial killer with a serious problem. He hallucinated people he hated as being his dead father. His father had emotionally abused him so bad Martin was willing to kill anyone that reminded him of him. What made Martin so great was the moment he thought he was finally standing up for himself was also the moment he completely lost it.

3. Adolf Hitler (Schakalen)

In "Three Coins and a Fuchsbau" it's revealed that Hitler (played by Hitler) was a Wesen creature known as a Schakalen. The three Coins of Zakynthos on his coat collar give him away. These jackal creatures are notorious thieves. It explains a few things. Except for the whole holocaust thing. That one still comes out of nowhere.

2. Billy Capra (Ziegevolk)

In the episode "Lonelyhearts," Nick meets a seemingly harmless guy that runs a bed and breakfast and raises toads. Turns out he's a Ziegevolk and keeps women in cages in the basement of his inn for breeding. Thanks to special hormones he gives off from eating the toads he becomes irresistible to women. I hear Brad Pitt's the same way. Of all the villains, he's the one I hate the most.

1. Eddie Monroe (Blutbad)

Known as a Wieder Blutbad, Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is a reformed man. He's a vegetarian, enjoys pilates and can rip a man's arm clean off. Monroe always has the funniest lines without losing his edge. He's invaluable to Nick for tracking down the evil Wesen and is great source of information. More than anything else he's hilarious. From asking why they're going down a spooky hallway to telling Nick he owes him for the window he broke Munroe is great for laughs. Plus, they've established he's one of the most dangerous Wesen on the planet.

That's it! We've had bears, wolves, mice, goats, spiders, lions and crocodiles. These are the 10 freakiest creatures I'll remember most from the first season of Grimm and there are three episodes left. Who knows who else will show up. If you haven't started watching it's not too late to catch it.

Do you watch Grimm? Do you have a favorite episode or character? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I've watched a couple episodes, but just too many shows to keep up with right now.

  2. I’m just like Alex here and can’t keep up with all the TV shows right now and haven’t caught up with the whole season yet, but I’ve been catching up slowly using DISH Online. This show hasn’t ceased to keep me entertained. I’m glad there’s a place online I can go to catch up on all my shows when I miss them on TV. A co-worker of mine at DISH informed me that this title was available there and I can’t thank him enough. I have access to a ton of entertainment that I can access when I’m connected online. At least now that I’ve watched a few episodes, I can’t wait to watch a few more.

  3. Crikey, if one of those beasties sinks his teeth into ya .... well lets just say its going to be an extremely memorable experience.

  4. I love Monroe. He's a fabulous character. I like that it's filmed here in Oregon, too. We don't live in Portland anymore, but recognize a lot of the places. They said the final 6 episodes last week. I hope they only mean for the season and not for all time.

  5. Commander Spacey, these guys have a serious bite.

  6. M pac I've never been to Oregon, but it must be fun to recognize these places. It's been renewed so get ready for next year!

  7. Bob, it's on Hulu too of you don't have Dish.

  8. This is just 1 of the MANY tv series on my to-watch list! How was the other fairytale series Once Upon A Time?

  9. You know Neil, I've never seen an episode. Between the two this one interested me more.

  10.  having seen both, once is very conceited and fails to reach a cinematic level of ethereal that the show relies upon.  it just gets boring and overdone.  grimm is very humble and self aware.  it never tries to force anything on its characters, especially the characters.  Nick at first seems unassuming and uninspiring as a lead, but he falls into a great character as you slowly share shit with him.

  11. I love Monroe. I think he's the best character on the show. Nick is a little bland for me sometimes.

  12.  I totally agree. The show could be all about Monroe and I wouldn't have a problem with it.

  13. I have loved this show ever since a certain jogger in the park listened to "Sweet Dreams" on her head phones.... And that was the beginning of an incredible joyride, one I hope goes on for a looooong time! I actually started reading this list thinking, "If this guy seriously appreciates the joy of Grimm, Monroe WILL be somewhere on this list... To my delight, yep, there he is. Monroe and Rosalee are just awesome together, so cute together without ever becoming annoyingly cutesy. I haven't ever had a problem with Nick; imagine learning who you really are (in a town which should be called Wesenburg - sheesh!) yet he continues to deal with it (whilst kicking many an arse) with grace and acceptance, even now with something akin to relish. He likes his freaking job, he was drawn to law enforcement in the first place. He has that vibe in the first place. It suits him, and me.

    Hank, well most viewers could probably tell early on where that was heading, maybe... If for no other reason, Hank at the beginning was pretty generic, given little to do except be Nick's police partner - didn't you just know that he would learn Nick's real bloodline sooner rather than later? i wasn't sure how I felt about that possibility at first, I mean, Hank as a character was slightly stock. But once he was brought into the info loop, no complaints here; they're a kickarse team.

    As I type, I'm watching the one where Wu is ... Well, don't wanna say just in case but it's been building up to this moment for several eps. Lol, dude asks a LOT of questions. I think I will like him even more now, though the actor may or may not confuse weird facial expressions and eyebrow movements with actual acting.... He's a hoot, though.

    Couple other quickie observations...
    Trubel/Theresa: I. LOVE. This chick! I hope they go way more into her backstory. She lights up the screen.
    Renard: Man, he made me really nervous in the beginning. Still does at times... But this actor is so perfect for this role. Not too hard on the eyes, either. :D
    Juliette: Sadly... The single one character i really don't like much at all. I want to adore her, because Nick does, but... Even her voice grates on my nerves.

    i could write a short essay... Eh, kinda did huh. :)

  14. The "whole holocaust thing" comes from the coins themselves.... they make anyone paranoid and greedy... i.e. they were in the possesion of the romans during their rise to power... ergo Hitler was possessed by the coins and his true desires came to the surface so he too wanted to create an empire of his own.

    Now it doesn't show us but perhaps his "master race" was not only German, but also wesen... thoughts??


Thanks for commenting!.