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Wild! Fan Film Shows 'Batman and Robin' Could Have Been Good

Imagine if Batman and Robin had been cool. Bat-girl is edgy. Poison Ivy is seductive and Batman and Robin still wear the goofy costumes, but everything else is so cool we can ignore it.

Joel Schumaker almost ruined the franchise, but in the fan film Death Wish (2012) directed by Matthew Hiscox and written by Jennifer Zhang they add a much needed dose of cool to the film.

Synopsis: Armed with a lethal neurotoxin, a mysterious assailant is targeting the kingpins of Gotham’s criminal underground. As Batman and Robin are drawn deeper into an investigation that ensnares more and more of the rogues gallery, a disturbing revelation about the identity of the attacker begins to take shape.

Michael Hiscox described the video this way, "As mixed as the opinions are on Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies, those were the Batman films our generation grew up with, and to an extent we look back on them with fondness. Yes, we love Christopher Nolan’s gritty re-imaging of the Batman world, but we also know no one can successfully recreate something like that in a fan film. 'Batman: Death Wish' was inspired by something that was more reminiscent of the Batman from our childhoods – less gritty, less grim, a little more hyper-realistic, but still dark and heroic. Stylistically, we wanted to blend Schumacher’s Batman films with 'Batman: The Animated Series' and the 'No Man’s Land' world of Batman from the comics – utilizing the Bat-Family when they were at their strongest. It’s something we didn’t see any other fan filmmakers attempting."

The list of guest stars include Harley Quinn, Riddler, Oracle and more.

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  1. This was better than "Puppet Master"...but it also makes it clear that the animated series was basically an animated version of Schumacher's Batman. Also, with all the talk, it could also be construed as a Nolan version of the Adam West Batman. Holy Head Explosion, Batman!


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